Captora Announces New Products That Accelerate Campaign Promotion Results

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Captora Announces New Products That Accelerate Campaign Promotion Results

New Ability to Identify Demand and Promote Relevant Content to Speed Growth

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MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., April 20, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Captora, the leading Top of Funnel Marketing company, today announced a significant new product release that enhances marketers' ability to research, launch, and promote an entire portfolio of high performing campaigns across digital channels. This new release empowers marketers to confidently build and execute a digital marketing plan based on their existing content, competitive gaps, and industry trends leveraging Captora's patented machine learning and AI technologies to take the guesswork out of digital marketing. In addition to deep demand intelligence recommendations, this new product release significantly reduces marketers' manual efforts by automatically promoting their portfolio of marketing assets to the most relevant web audiences.

Captora's unique focus on content and demand intelligence allows marketers to discover, build and optimize digital campaigns where buyer demand is hottest. Customers such as DocuSign, Acquia, MongoDB, Marketo, and Zephyr have been leveraging Captora to quickly identify critical content-creation opportunities and to accelerate pipeline growth across channels.

"Captora takes the guesswork out of researching where to focus and enables us to scale high-quality campaigns that deliver results.  We're impressed with Captora's platform and team and look forward to putting their new breakthrough technologies to work." - Robin Joy - SVP Web & Mobile Business, DocuSign.

"Captora's Top of Funnel Platform has been integral to the development of our digital marketing strategy. With Captora, we were able to discover how our existing content aligned with market demand, and the platform helped us quickly launch & optimize an amazing number of campaigns - over 10x more high-quality campaigns than our team could manage before. The efforts paid off, as over 46% of our new SEO campaigns now rank on the first page of Google and drive hundreds of monthly leads. With those results in mind, we decided to use Captora in seven other countries and are very pleased to see how easily Captora's demand intelligence can be applied to other markets. We look forward to the new release helping us identify even more content creation opportunities, and are excited to run all of our pages through the new content promotion module." - Francis Adanza - VP Marketing, Zephyr.

"Captora continues to raise the technology bar for digital marketers.  This new product release takes Digital Marketing to the next level. No longer is it enough to simply identify your content strengths and gaps - the content you create needs to be delivered to the right buyers to satisfy the market demand better than your competitors. We've focused on intelligently mapping content to demand, significantly increasing our marketers' digital marketing productivity." said Paul Albright, CEO/co-Founder of Captora.  "Captora's new platform release gives marketers confidence about which content opportunities they should prioritize, speeds results, and simplifies content promotion so our customers' results are accelerated - without needing to hire new digital marketing experts."


  • Deep Demand Intelligence (DDI):  Captora's patented recommendation engine and fine-grained web crawlers provide marketers with the deep insights they need to fully understand their campaign and content strengths and gaps. Captora's unique blend of external digital data and content-specific artificial intelligence (AI) empowers data-driven marketers to confidently prioritize their work priorities - no guessing required.
    • Captora's advanced content crawlers process content more quickly with increased coverage, providing marketers with a continuously updated set of demand intelligence data that tracks shifts in the industry's demand and competitors' marketing strategies.
    • Captora's new Demand Manager provides marketers with a holistic, cross-channel view of demand and buyer intent. With the addition of competitive intelligence data across multiple search engines and 3rd party platforms, on top of the existing content analysis platform, Captora's Demand Manager now shows an increased number of high-quality content-creation signals, unique to each customer and their specific domain/brand.
    • Deep demand and competitive research is now automated and provided in real-time, so digital marketers no longer need to worry about manually performing demand and competitive research for individual keywords/campaigns - Captora's new Demand Manager automatically highlights the recommended opportunities for the marketer.


  • Automated Content Promotion (ACP): Captora is first to market with a fully automated content promotion module that is seamlessly integrated with Captora's content research and execution products. With this module, marketers can ensure their existing content is shown to the most relevant, interested audiences across the customer's digital domains.
    • With Captora's new content promotion module, digital marketers are able to leverage the full potential of their content portfolio without additional effort or headcount. By automatically displaying context-relevant links on every campaign landing page, Captora increases user engagement, decreases bounce rate, improves click-through rates, and produces higher quality leads.
    • Captora automatically derives buyer's intent from documents, videos, blog posts, and other content types, and automatically promotes existing marketing assets to the appropriate audiences, giving marketers a direct path to seeing and improving ROI for all of their content.
    • Marketers no longer need to spend time going through the manual processes of deciding where and how to promote their marketing assets. Not only does Captora ensure the visibility of these assets (existing or brand-new), but marketers can spend valuable time crafting high-quality content without needing to focus on its promotion or reach - Captora will do that for them.

Captora's new Top of Funnel platform will be available to all customers in May.  Schedule a meeting today and come see what the future of Digital Marketing looks like.

To learn more about Captora, to view a product tour or for a free digital health check, go to

Captora's Top of Funnel (ToFu) marketing helps customers target, launch, and optimize high-performing campaign portfolios at scale across search, advertising and social channels.

With Captora, your marketing team can:
- Know with confidence which opportunities, content and channels will drive the best conversions
- Launch and optimize one-to-one campaigns at scale, delivering optimal content to each target
- Demonstrate success by driving  high-quality, cross-channel leads through the funnel

Companies like DocuSign, Marketo, Zephyr, MongoDB, and Acquia are leveraging Captora to significantly scale new revenue and conversion rates across search, advertising, and social channels.

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