El Banco Central Alemán está implementando el software de indexación y búsqueda de Autonomy para que sus 12.000 empleados busquen y encuentren todo tipo de información proveniente de múltiples fuentes y en diversos formatos.

El Banco Central Alemán está implementando el software de indexación y búsqueda de Autonomy para que sus 12.000 empleados busquen y encuentren todo tipo de información proveniente de múltiples fuentes y en diversos formatos.


CAMBRIDGE, England, August 3 —  Autonomy Corporation plc a global leader in infrastructure software for the enterprise, today announced that Deutsche Bundesbank, the central bank of the Federal Republic of Germany, has selected Autonomy’s IDOL Server to power and advanced retrieval system for 12,000 employees. Autonomy allows Deutsche Bundesbank to have instant access to information held within the organization through a powerful combination of automatic data aggregation, hyperlinking and retrieval while crucially respecting existing security procedures and systems.

As the central bank of Germany, Deutsche Bundesbank performs a number of functions critical to the financial well-being of the nation including maintaining price stability (together with the European Central Bank and the National Central Banks of the Euro System) overseeing the execution of domestic and cross-border payments, contributing to the stability of payment and clearing systems, managing foreign reserves as well as playing a pivotal role in banking supervision. Deutsche Bundesbank selected Autonomy’s Intelligent Data Operating Layer (IDOL) to provide the information infrastructure to support them in their work to fulfil these many objectives. Autonomy uniquely forms a conceptual and contextual understanding of any piece of data thereby enabling employees to have access to critical information irrespective of date type or storage location. Automatic hyperlinking connects employees to relevant information by automatically analyzing their requirements and linking them in real-time to similar information held within the organization thereby improving efficiency and accelerating response times. Critically for a financial institution, Autonomy’s Intellectual Asset Protection System respects internal security controls to ensure that users will only have access to all permitted files.

Autonomy provides Deutsche Bundesbank’s users with a comprehensive system capable of dealing with all the information within Deutsche Bundesbank. In order to meet their numerous challenges as the central bank for Germany, Deutsche Bundesbank needed a robust information system which would enable their employees to reap the benefits of all their resources – using Autonomy they are discovering new sources of information everyday. Unlike other vendors, Autonomy’s Intellectual Asset Protection System ensures that while they dramatically improve access to information throughout the organization, they also continue to adhere to confidentiality agreements.

«We are proud to be providing the information infrastructure that underpins the activities of one of the organizations at the heart of the European financial community,» said Dominic Johnson, Group Marketing Director, Autonomy. «Deutsche Bundesbank’s repeat purchase of Autonomy clearly demonstrates the business value that many financial companies derive from Autonomy’s ability to understand data and form conceptual associations between seemingly disparate documents.»

Autonomy’s unique Intelligent Data Operating Layer (IDOL) integrates unstructured, semi-structured and structured information from multiple repositories through an understanding of their content. Autonomy grants enterprises the flexibility to use advanced information retrieval or legacy-based approaches. At the heart of Autonomy’s software is its ability to process text, voice and video and identify and rank the main concepts within them. It then automatically categorizes, links, summarizes, personalizes and delivers that information. Autonomy’s technology also drives collaboration across the enterprise and enables organizations to effectively leverage expertise. Autonomy’s infrastructure technology is used to automate operations within enterprise information portals, customer relationship management, knowledge management, business intelligence and e-business applications, among others.

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