La firma norteamericana de abogados Holland & Knight ha decidido utilizar la aplicación de iManage WorkSite para posibilitar que 3.000 de sus empleados puedan trabajar en colaboración desde más de treinta oficinas diferentes desplegadas en los USA y en el resto del globo.

Tras la puesta en marcha de esta aplicación y la migración de más de 10.000 millones de documentos a un repositorio central, cualquier documento podrá ser ahora gestionado de igual manera desde cualquier localización sin tener que realizar la búsqueda en múltiples librerías diferentes.

Esta visión centralizadora ha venido acompañada en el caso de este desarrollo por una metodología de colaboración «matter centric». La colaboración centrada en un particular asunto o materia va más allá de la gestión documental habitual al proveer de una visión histórica de todo documento, evento, tarea o contacto relacionado con un determinado caso.

Otro asunto a destacar del despliegue de este sistema por parte de la firma de abogados ha sido anteriormente citada migración de información. La consultora tecnológica encargada de este proyecto, Baker Robbins, usó una tecnología propia conocida como Shamrock para lograr una velocidad de migración de 200.000 documentos por hora, lo que permitió realizar toda la transición en tan sólo dos fines de semana sin entorpecer el uso del sistema durante los días laborables.

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Holland & Knight Deploys the iManage WorkSite Suite to More than 3,000 Users in 30 Offices Worldwide

iManage Partner Baker Robbins & Company’s Expertise Enables Rapid Conversion of More Than 10 Million Documents into iManage WorkSite

FOSTER CITY, Calif., Nov. 12.  iManage, a leading provider of collaborative content management software for global enterprises, today announced that Holland
& Knight, one of the world’s largest law firms, has completed a large centralized deployment of iManage WorkSite(TM) to support matter centric collaboration firm-wide. To make it possible for the firm’s 3,000 users in 30 offices worldwide to work together more productively, the decision was made to implement iManage WorkSite for a centralized collaborative document management (DM) approach that would introduce new efficiencies. The deployment at Holland & Knight was completed
with the assistance of iManage partner, Baker Robbins & Company, and iManage
Professional Services.

Said Ralph Barber, CIO, Holland & Knight, «A hallmark of our IT
strategy has been to standardize our approach, while laying a centralized technology
foundation at the core of our vision.» As part of this new vision, the firm made the decision to adopt iManage’s methodology for matter centric collaboration. Matter centric collaboration goes beyond traditional document management and provides an integrated, historical view of documents, events, tasks and contacts for any given matter. In addition, global teams have seamless access to client-matter and collaborative projects from any location at any time. The firm will also use the iManage WorkSite Server with Caching and iManage’s Email Management solution.

By moving to a centralized data environment, Holland & Knight has improved the usability of its system from an end user perspective; any document in the firm can be accessed the same way by users in all locations across the globe, without the need to search multiple distributed libraries. In addition, by using a single high-end cluster to replace 30 separate databases and indexes, each of which had to be maintained individually, the firm has realized dramatic cost savings, improved manageability and
simplified disaster recovery planning. The challenge of avoiding the latency and delays that can occur when documents move from a local area network (LAN) across a lower bandwidth wide area network (WAN), have now been uniquely overcome by utilizing this leading edge thinking around the design of document management and server infrastructure.

Also essential to Holland & Knight’s deployment of iManage WorkSite was iManage Professional Services and iManage partner Baker Robbins & Company, a leading information technology-consulting firm with nearly two decades of experience implementing large-scale DM systems. In addition to assisting the firm with the overall deployment, Baker Robbins provided critical subject matter experience and support through design, data migration and software deployment. Given the size of the Holland & Knight repository — more than 10 million documents — a seamless conversion and speed were the firm’s two major focuses during the migration to iManage WorkSite. Baker Robbins used their internally developed tool, known as Shamrock, to migrate approximately 200,000 documents per hour — a speed and efficiency rate that has been previously unattainable in the document management migration world. The power of this unique tool allowed the entire transition to be completed over only two weekends without encroachment on normal business hours, or interruptions in business operations.

With iManage and Baker Robins project management services and methodologies, there was no need to send local teams to each of Holland & Knight’s local and international offices during the migration weekends. The data arrived in iManage WorkSite intact and with no loss of date, complete with document history, folder structure, and users’ work lists. The entire rollout was accomplished in 10 days with no impact on users.

«With the efficiencies and management control made possible by our iManage implementation, our institutional IT group will no longer be tied down by lower-level tasks, and will be able to expand our focus on more high-value initiatives to support our firm,» stated Barber. «We see iManage and Baker Robbins as vital partners to our business, and anticipate a long and productive working relationship with both teams.»

Said David Craig, a Baker Robbins consultant, «Holland and Knight’s move to a centralized matter centric collaboration system with iManage will be extremely valuable to the firm. In supporting the firm’s deployment of iManage Worksite, we knew we had to migrate millions of irreplaceable documents quickly, so there would be no interruption to work — and this is where the value of Shamrock is the most visible. Not only was the conversion of documents fast and seamless, the entire firm had access to their documents immediately. The long term benefit to Holland & Knight will be better service to their clients and great cost savings.»

With iManage WorkSite now in place, Holland & Knight has decreased the number of servers dedicated to document management at its central office from 27 SQL servers to four. The increased efficiency of the system will make it easier to manage as well as to grow, and will deliver the economies of scale central to Holland & Knight’s IT philosophy. Moving forward, Holland & Knight plans to use its iManage platform as the basis for knowledge management, records management and uniformly enforced retention policies firm-wide.

«For a firm the size of Holland & Knight, a centralized document management environment can make the difference between economies of scale, and large-scale inefficiencies,» said Chris Junker, iManage vice president of legal sales. «Our matter centric collaboration paradigm makes it possible for attorneys throughout Holland Knight’s global organization to work together as closely and conveniently as if they were all in the same room together.»

About Holland & Knight LLP

Holland & Knight LLP is among the largest law firms in the world with more than 1,250 lawyers who practice in over 100 areas of law. The firm’s United States offices are in California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Virginia, Washington state and Washington, D.C. Internationally, the firm’s offices are in Mexico City, Helsinki, Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo and Sao Paulo, with representative offices in Caracas and Tel Aviv.

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