Whether you’re brand new to document management or in the process of evaluating a new solution, this webinar will take you on a quick tour of DM providing you with a deeper understanding of how Nuxeo products can solve your business needs.

Nuxeo and Technology Partner Scality offers an overview of the technology partnership and the benefits of using Scality storage solutions for Nuxeo content management applications.

The Scality storage solution is available as an option for Nuxeo content management applications, such as Nuxeo Document Management, Nuxeo Digital Asset Management, or Nuxeo Case Management Framework. Binary files and unstructured data can be managed by the Scality RING solution, on-premise or in Scality-powered public clouds, in a way that is highly scalable and robust. The Scality option provides globally cost-effective high-level storage, including high performance, robust data protection, high availability, and scalability.

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