Business Objects compró en diciembre del 2003 Crystal Decisions, para cuyo Crystal Reports acaba de poner a la venta el integrador de datos (ETL) BusinessObjects Data Integrator 6.5.


SAN JOSE, Calif.–April 6, 2004– Business Objects today announced the availability of BusinessObjects Data Integrator 6.5, the newest version of its proven real-time and batch data integration platform. Data Integrator 6.5 allows developers to rapidly build data marts from Crystal Reports, introduces new data quality functionality, and provides enhanced performance through support for grid computing.

In today’s business climate, organizations face the daunting task of consolidating information from multiple data sources, as well as keeping pace with ever increasing compliance reporting requirements. In both cases, the right data integration strategy is of paramount importance, and without it organizations run the risk of making decisions based on incomplete and inaccurate information.

New Data Mart Accelerator for Crystal Reports Customers

On December 12, 2003, Business Objects completed its acquisition of Crystal Decisions. With Data Integrator 6.5, Business Objects has taken an important step in extending the power of the Business Objects product suite to customers of Crystal Reports, the de facto standard for enterprise reporting.

Many of these customers have chosen Crystal Enterprise to manage a wealth of historical knowledge within regularly scheduled Crystal Reports, which are currently serving as data repositories. Data Integrator 6.5 unlocks the potential of this data for trending and analysis by providing a Data Mart Accelerator for Crystal Reports allowing organizations to rapidly build a data mart from their Crystal Reports documents. This helps organizations obtain one view of their operations to maximize enterprise performance.

Improved Data Quality Within a Single Design Environment

To improve the quality of data for making timely and accurate decisions, organizations must effectively profile, cleanse, and manage their data. Data Integrator 6.5 provides built-in profiling capabilities, giving designers a visual representation of source data throughout the ETL process.

To meet specialized data cleansing requirements, Business Objects has embedded technology in Data Integrator 6.5 from Firstlogic, a leading provider of enterprise-wide information quality solutions. Through this partnership, developers can use one interface to correct and standardize data and ensure accuracy throughout all records.

Additionally, Data Integrator 6.5 provides new capabilities for managing data. Data Integrator enables developers to troubleshoot and identify problems in their data and track it through the entire ETL process. This allows developers to ensure data integrity and provide their business users with information they can trust.

«Regulatory compliance issues are pushing large enterprises to place a broader, more strategic focus on data quality,» said Ted Friedman, principal analyst of Gartner Research. «Although this is a business issue, technology will generally have a role in successful data quality improvement initiatives. In the context of business intelligence projects, embedding data quality controls within the extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL) process can significantly increase the probability of success.»

Support for Grid Computing for Improved Performance

Organizations are placing greater demands on the performance and efficiency of their data integration platform. Grid computing technology balances workloads among a group of servers, which helps these organizations increase efficiencies and reduce costs. Data Integrator 6.5 allows customers to optimize available computing resources by sending new job requests to the least utilized machine, thereby maximizing ETL performance across heterogeneous servers. Data Integrator 6.5 support for grid computing provides customers with high system availability with no single point of failure.

«A successful enterprise performance management strategy requires credible data that users can trust,» said Dave Kellogg, senior vice president, Business Objects. «With over 500 data integration customers and 85 transactions in Q4 2003 alone, clearly customers are responding to our vision for one unified platform for data integration and business intelligence. With Data Integrator 6.5, Business Objects continues to build on the industry’s most complete suite of business intelligence products, and provides customers with an excellent foundation for successful EPM strategies.»

Platforms and Availability

Data Integrator 6.5 is currently available on Microsoft Windows, HP UX, Sun Solaris, and IBM AIX. The Data Mart Accelerator for Crystal Reports will be generally available in May 2004.

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