Verity, fabricante USA con distribuidores en España (Da Vinci Consulting, de Sant Cugat, Barcelona), acaba de poner a la venta a nivel mundial la nueva versión de su software para digitalización masiva de documentos en papel o soporte físico, el Verity TeleForm 9.0. Cabe recordar que Verity compró en marzo de este mismo año el fabricante de software de catpura Cardiff, que ya producía Teleform. Verity Teleform 9.0 es la primera versión que sale a la venta del software tras la compra de Cardiff.


SUNNYVALE, Calif. August 2, 2004 Verity Inc. , a leading provider of enterprise software that enables organizations to maximize the return on their intellectual capital investment, today announced the availability of Verity TeleForm release 9.0, the latest version of the companys high volume, high accuracy content capture solution.

Verity TeleForm is a proven software solution currently used in more than 6,000 organizations worldwide that replaces costly manual data entry with efficient paper-to-digital processing. To better meet evolving customer strategies for deployment, and to make Verity TeleForm more flexible and customizable for application integration and scalability, the company has incorporated broad extensibility through Microsoft VBA (Visual Basic for Applications), tight integration with Microsoft SQL Server, and enhanced security capabilities in this new version. It is the first TeleForm release under the Verity corporate banner since the company completed its acquisition of Cardiff Software last March.

With TeleForm 9.0, Verity has taken an excellent content capture product and made it more versatile for global enterprises, said Anthony J. Bettencourt, Veritys president and chief executive officer. Our customers and reseller partners are very excited about the products new features and its business benefits. Verity TeleForm 9.0 is more flexible and customizable for an ever-growing list of business applications.

Business processes derive their efficiency from the intimacy of the connection between people, process and information, said Joshua Duhl, research director of content management and rich media at IDC. This latest release of Verity TeleForm includes enhancements in accuracy, security, and scalability that should allow companies to more easily adopt and expand the use of capture technology to derive more value and eliminate more cost out of their document-centric processes.

Enterprise-Oriented Enhancements
The new Verity TeleForm release includes five major feature enhancements that will allow the software to be distributed more efficiently across the enterprise, integrating with enterprise-level business applications more easily, securely, reliably and with better alpha-numeric and image recognition performance. The key improvements are:

Integration with Microsoft SQL Server to let customers better utilize existing infrastructure to expand business applications and take advantage of the databases capabilities such as transactional rollback support and real-time replication and backup;

Support of Microsoft VBA to facilitate easy customization of application-specific business rules while permitting enhanced script editing and debugging capabilities done within the familiar development interface of Visual Basic for Applications;

Significant security enhancements that include expanded Microsoft LDAP support, password-protected PDF file exports, simplified integration with Single Sign On (SSO) solutions and strengthened protection for file transfers to ensure that sensitive document and batch data are not exposed to unauthorized users;

Enhanced Manageability and High Availability Capabilities through TeleForms modules for Reader and AutoMerge Publisher that can now be handled as Windows services; and

Improved recognition and throughput from higher performing RecoFlex multi-engine recognition technology that delivers clear improvements to hand-print (ICR), machine-print (OCR), check box (OMR), barcode, image pre-processing and lexical checking as well as fewer false positives and even fewer characters requiring review in the TeleForm Verifier.

«Numerous departments throughout the State of North Dakota have relied on Verity TeleForm for several years,» said Bill Roach, enterprise EDMS coordinator for the State of North Dakota. «As each department began to see immediate value, we would roll it out to the next one. As we deploy the new release of TeleForm, the State anticipates the products security enhancements will ensure our compliance with federal mandates. Other new functionality of TeleForm will also help to streamline our administration and connectivity, while throughput and accuracy will pay off on the very first day. Verity TeleForm has been central to improving the state’s document processing efficiency.»

TeleForm is available in three product families, TeleForm Desktop, TeleForm for Workgroup, and TeleForm Enterprise. The expanded levels of functionality ensure deployment of capabilities to best meet the needs of an organization in a cost-effective manner, while guaranteeing scalability for future expansion.

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