A2iA obtuvo el primer lugar en la Competencia Mundial de reconocimiento de escritura ICDAR 2011 (Conferencia Internacional de Análisis de Documentos y Reconocimiento), el principal evento científico internacional en el campo de procesamiento de documentos y de análisis de imagen.

Nota de prensa en inglés:

A2iA Takes First Place in Worldwide Handwriting Recognition Competition
A2iA Researchers rank first among all participants, including businesses and research labs.
NEW YORK, NY / PARIS, FR, September 21, 2011– A2iA (@A2iA), the worldwide leading developer of cursive handwriting and machine-printed text recognition, and intelligent document classification software, announced today that it took first place in the French handwriting recognition competition at ICDAR 2011 (International Conference on Document Analysis and Recognition), the leading international scientific event in the field of document processing and image analysis. Held in Beijing, participants submitted the results obtained from their automated recognition system from both images of handwritten words and complete lines.
«We are very proud of our researchers,» said Jean-Louis Fages, A2iA President & Chairman of the Board. «They are among the world’s best in their field and demonstrate, once again, the ability of our research center to address the most complex handwriting recognition and document processing cases.” This international award, which follows A2iA’s second place finish at ICDAR 2009 for both Arabic and French handwriting recognition, confirms A2iA’s position as the leading software developer of cursive handwriting recognition technology.
Research remains at the core of A2iA’s development, as the company has always relied on R&D to strengthen its technological lead. A2iA still operates one of the world’s largest private research centers specialized in cursive handwriting recognition, employing 11 PhDs and a total of 34 engineers, whose projects are then adapted for A2iA’s recognition engines. This approach allows A2iA to continuously improve the performance of its software and address today’s changing business needs.
About A2iA
A2iA, Artificial Intelligence and Image Analysis (www.a2ia.com), is the worldwide leading developer of handwritten and machine printed text recognition, information extraction and intelligent document classification toolkits. By enhancing solutions from systems integrators and independent software vendors, A2iA allows complex and cursive data from all forms, documents and checks including unstructured handwritten letters, to become part of a structured database, making it searchable and reportable, with the same level of flexibility of printed or digital data. By operating the world’s largest research center focused on automatic document processing with a focus on handwritten and complex data, A2iA is able to address the needs of its users and be proactive in its developments. Proven to reduce costs and nearly eliminate data-entry and manual document processing, A2iA’s technology has been improving business process automation and providing a visible ROI for over 20 years as it enhances forms-processing, transaction-processing, content management, document management and knowledge management systems worldwide.
For more information, visit www.a2ia.com or call +1 917-237-0390 within the Americas, or +33 1 44 42 00 80 within EMEA or Asia.
Please visit www.icdar2011.org for more information on ICDAR.

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