Una importante compañía de seguros USA para personal médico ha elegido el software de Business Intelligence de Business Objects. Concretamente, la aseguradora, que gestiona la contabilidad, los servicios, el marketing, la gestión de riesgos y las reclamaciones, ha adquirido Enterprise 6, formada por un integrador de datos y por un gestor de cuadros de mando.


SAN JOSE, Calif.–June 2, 2004– Business Objects, the world’s leading provider of business intelligence (BI) solutions, today announced APMC Insurance Services, the exclusive management company for American Physicians Insurance Exchange (APIE), has selected Business Objects as its business intelligence standard and the foundation for its enterprise performance management strategy. APMC Insurance Services purchased BusinessObjects(TM) Enterprise 6, including BusinessObjects Data Integrator and BusinessObjects Dashboard Manager.

Business Objects solutions will be rolled out within APIE to capture and analyze information in the areas of policy administration, claims, finance, sales, and marketing. With Business Objects, APMC will gain improved access to data to drive revenue, improve productivity, and continue to strengthen the carrier it manages, APIE. For example, APIE will utilize Business Objects to measure campaign effectiveness and learn how well their message is being communicated in the marketplace. Sales managers will also gain an improved ability to track sales performance and manage the pipeline, leading to improved customer service and profitability.

In addition, APMC Insurance Services plans to use Business Objects to streamline reporting to state and federal regulatory agencies, and assist with corporate governance and compliance. Ultimately, the company will use BusinessObjects Dashboard Manager to power dashboards across the company in order to track key performance indicators vital to the company’s success.

«We have been in business for 28 years and understand the medical malpractice business,» said Marc Zimmermann, chief financial officer of APMC Insurance Services, Inc. «We are committed to providing excellent service to our APIE doctors, and we feel that through the Business Objects implementation, we will continue to build a financially stronger carrier for years to come.»

Business Objects fulfilled APMC Insurance Services requirements for an ETL solution, including easy and quick deployment, rich metadata, and low total cost of ownership. BusinessObjects Data Integrator will help ensure information accountability, and play a key role in allowing APMC Insurance Services and the company it manages, APIE, to standardize on one BI solution.

«APMC Insurance Services knows that to position itself for long-term success and growth, the company should always focus on improving access to information for better decision making, as well as enhancing the transparency and analysis of information,» said Dave Kellogg, senior vice president of worldwide marketing at Business Objects. «By selecting Business Objects as the standard — APMC Insurance Services continues with a trend we are seeing across the business intelligence industry in which organizations are choosing one company to improve enterprise performance management and build profitability across the board.»

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