Artificial Solutions, especialista en NLI (natural language interaction), ha lanzado la versión 1.6 de Teneo Insight, una aplicación de análisis y reporte de las conversaciones de clientes. Uno de los cambios más significantes en la versión 1.6 de Teneo Insight es que ahora utiliza Ajax, permitiendo el acceso desde cualquier navegador de Internet de PC, teléfonos celulares y tabletas para hacer uso de los reportes.


Teneo Insight’s Analysis of Natural Language Conversations Delivers Increased Understanding on Customer Behavior

Stockholm, 22nd February 2012 – Artificial Solutions (, the natural language interaction (NLI) specialist that enables users to have a meaningful, humanlike interaction with technology, announced today the latest release of Teneo Insight, a powerful analytics and reporting application for analyzing customer conversations.

The most significant change in version 1.6 is that Teneo Insight now uses AJAX, enabling any internet browser to be used to access the reports from a computer, mobile phone, tablet and other internet enabled devices. Unlike website analytics packages that just provide information about browsing behavior, Teneo Insight has the sophistication to understand what customers are asking in their own words.Virtual assistant chat log files are a rich seam of data provided by customer interactions.

With Teneo Insight organizations can unlock the hidden data in these logs and perform deep text analysis to obtain actionable insights. Now with version 1.6 users will also be able to gain even more understanding into their customer’s behavior with the inclusion of additional customizable tags, which allow users to create multi-dimensional categories.Teneo Insight allows organizations to understand their customers’ minds by automatically analyzing vast amounts of free-format, natural language data gathered from recorded dialogue transcripts, providing a deeper knowledge of their customers wants, needs and purchasing requirements and enabling users to build greater intelligence into their NLI application.

“Teneo Insight provides an unprecedented level of detail which can be reviewed to understand how customers interact with a business or an application, what they think of products and services, and also to learn and anticipate the kind of interactions customers are likely to pursue,” says Andreas Wieweg, Chief Technical Officer of Artificial Solutions. “This provides users with the information to identify trends, issues and business insight that would be virtually impossible to gather through other means.

”Using the NLI capabilities of Teneo Interaction Engine to interpret the meaning of each conversation, the data is then automatically tagged and categorized, before being aggregated. This information is then delivered in a series of customizable reports including the number of interactions, the most frequent questions and responses and details such as conversation types, resolution performance, device preference and customer satisfaction.Other new enhances in version 1.6 include features for increased security, additional usability improvements and several new charts.

About Artificial Solutions

Artificial Solutions is the leading specialist in Natural Language Interaction (NLI). The company’s patented technology enables people to hold two-way meaningful conversations with applications and services running on computers, mobile technology and other electronic devices in a humanlike, intelligent manner.

Typically deployed as web-based Virtual Assistants for customer service and sales, and as embedded speech-enabled applications for mobile computing, Artificial Solutions enables organizations to increase customer satisfaction and direct revenues, whilst reducing costs. Platform and device independent, Artificial Solutions’ NLI technology is available in 21 languages and includes powerful analytics that deliver valuable insight into customers’ needs and behavior.With development centers in Barcelona, Hamburg, London and Stockholm and offices across Europe, Asia-Pacific and South America, Artificial Solutions’ technology is deployed by hundreds of public and private sector organizations and used by millions of people every year.

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