Con la finalidad de mejorar los procesos e incrementar la efectividad de sus cerca de 100 sucursales, el Banco Popular North America (BPNA) ha seleccionado la solución de gestión de contenidos empresariales, OnBase, de Hyland. Más abajo el resto del comunicado en inglés.

BPNA is committed to providing banking and financial services to those in need and places high value on delivering quality service to its customers. To accomplish these goals, it continuously researches innovative solutions that will help enhance its competitive advantage and commitment to excellence.

Using OnBase’s advanced workflow and optical character recognition capabilities, BPNA will consolidate existing infrastructure to an enterprise-class solution in OnBase. «Transitioning to the OnBase solution will make us more productive and efficient,» said Madhu J. Reddy BPNA’s SVP of IT. «As we get deeper into redefining processes across the bank, including our lending and deposit operations departments, we expect to see a greater return on investment. Leveraging the distributed capture and workflow functionality in OnBase, employees will be able to provide excellent customer service.»

The scalable OnBase platform will also allow greater functionality within BPNA’s FIS core. This integration will enhance capabilities and enable real-time updates, of both images and data, into the FIS core directly from OnBase, to improve user experience and deliver a greater return on investment.

Hyland’s strategic product roadmap and strong customer-focus set the precedent in the vendor selection process. «Over the past 20 years, we’ve had a successful history helping banks streamline processes, become more efficient, reach paperless initiatives and improve customer service,» said Michelle Harbinak Shapiro. «Our expertise and industry recognition as a top service provider within the industry continues to help banks make efficiency gains throughout the organization, meet compliance goals and improve customer service to stay competitive.»




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