Broadvision, con oficinas en España, sigue haciendose con parte de la tarta del sector bancario. E igualmente vuelven a anunciar grandes clientes en nuestro país vecino, Italia. En este caso han implementado el portal del empleado y el portal web para la Banca Popolare di Bergamo y la Banca IMI.


REDWOOD CITY, Calif., June 18 / — BroadVision, Inc. (Nasdaq: BVSN ) today announced that Northern Trust, a multi-bank holding company based in Chicago; Frost Bank, the largest Texas-based bank in Texas; and Banca Popolare di Bergamo and Banca IMI — both of Italy — are the latest financial services companies to launch BroadVision-powered portal initiatives.

Northern Trust, a leading provider of trust, investment and banking services to corporations, large institutions and individuals, is using BroadVision enterprise portal applications to power their new employee portal and personalized customer portals.

«We selected BroadVision’s enterprise portal solution because it integrates well with our other technologies and because of BroadVision’s proven track record in powering e-business solutions for the financial services industry,» says Pete Magrini, senior vice president, Northern Trust. «BroadVision software allows us to provide our clients with convenient, self-service access to the information and resources they need to manage their finances and we look forward to taking advantage of the capabilities of their newest release.»

BroadVision has over 60 customers in the financial services sector, including Bear Stearns, Credit Suisse, Fleet Bank, GE Capital and Lloyds TSB.

Financial services companies throughout the world have been quick to recognize the potential of multi-constituent enterprise portals to increase the productivity of employees, improve collaboration with business partners, enhance service and support to customers, increase revenues — and decrease IT costs, by enabling organizations to use a single portal framework to support all their portal initiatives.

For example, the Lloyds Bank success4business portal has produced 43 percent higher cross-selling revenues than other channels and has improved both customer retention and customer acquisition — 3 percent of new customers were recruited via the portal and 5 percent of new customers credit online services as their reason for choosing Lloyds. A team of four manages all site content – up to 200 new items each week — and online brochures are available at 10 percent of the cost of distributing traditional brochures by mail.

«BroadVision has a large installed base and a history of success with customers in the financial services sector,» said Sanjay Gupta, senior vice president of marketing and alliances, BroadVision. «It’s not what we say we can do for financial services organizations. It’s a matter of building on our success with current customers and replicating that success with new customers who are looking for an enterprise portal solution that supports internal and external constituents with a single portal framework that pre-integrates all the functionality they need.»

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