Business Objects, fabricante de software para Business Intelligence, ha obtenido la certificación para IBM On Demand Workplace, una suite de software, hardware y servicios que crean un entorno en el que los empleados pueden interactuar entre sí, con proveedores, socios y clientes además de aumentar la eficiencia operacional. La solución integrada está destinada principalmente al retail.


CHICAGO Retail Systems Conference & Exposition May 17, 2004 Business Objects, the worlds leading provider of business intelligence (BI) solutions, today announced it has achieved certification for IBM On Demand Workplace. Along with the certification, Business Objects and IBM have developed a joint solution that integrates performance management software from Business Objects into IBM’s On Demand Workplace for Retail solution. The combined solution, launched today at the Retail Systems Conference in Chicago, provides retailers with the information they need to monitor store performance, quickly take action, and improve operational efficiency.

IBM On Demand Workplace is a comprehensive suite of software, hardware, and services that creates an environment where employees dynamically interact with integrated business processes, other employees, partners, suppliers and customers. It simplifies employee access to content, applications, people and processes. Business Objects is the first Business Intelligence vendor to be certified for IBM On Demand Workplace, providing role based key performance indicators, alerts and analytics. Business Objects and IBM are working together to deliver several industry focused On Demand Workplace solutions to market.

The first integrated solution, targeted at retailers, helps to accelerate operational efficiency and drive value through on-demand access to key metrics and exception alerting. The combined solution delivers function-based metrics to deliver visibility and greater insight into back-end systems in the areas of sales management, people management, stock management, and financial management. In addition, customized dashboards by role enable retailers to ensure the right information is delivered to the right people, at the right time.

Retailers face unprecedented budget and performance pressures, and todays businesses must be both practical and strategic, said Bob Bunzey, global offering executive at IBM. The IBM On Demand Workplace offering provides a unique and comprehensive portfolio of software, hardware, and services to help companies empower every employee to add value to the enterprise. The integration of performance management software from Business Objects provides a crucial component of our On Demand Workplace for Retail solution. The combined solution offers enormous value to retail customers, enabling increased operational efficiency through improved store performance.

In todays competitive retail market, improving productivity, reducing costs, and enhancing customer service are paramount, said Russ Hill, director of worldwide retail and CPG marketing at Business Objects. Our integrated solution with IBMs On Demand Workplace offering delivers the information management and analytic capabilities required to enable retailers to successfully improve enterprise performance. Business Objects delivers advanced metrics, dashboards, and alerting capabilities that extend the value of the IBM On Demand Workplace for Retail and enables employees to more easily monitor and act on the information important to their role.

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