Captiva Software, empresa con varios distribuidores en España, acaba de lanzar la versión 5 de los dos paquetes de software para captura de datos en documentos en papel, el FormWare 5.0, pensado para la digitalización de formularios y el InputAccel 5.0 para documentos normales como faxes.


SAN DIEGO–June 17, 2003– Captiva Software Corp. (Nasdaq:CPTV ), a leading provider of input management solutions, today announced the availability of new, more powerful versions of its flagship input management software offerings for faster, more streamlined capture of forms and documents.

FormWare 5.0, the latest version of Captiva‘s award-winning forms capture solution, offers a host of new enhancements including eEntry, a browser-based data entry feature for streamlined remote data completion. InputAccel 5.0, the newest version of Captiva‘s premier document capture solution, offers a range of new abilities including ScaleServer, which offers increased productivity by enabling the processing of significantly more document amounts and types. Both solutions have also been enhanced to work together more seamlessly to take advantage of their synergies.

«The new features we’ve added to FormWare and InputAccel significantly improve their performance, and are in direct response to the requests from our customers and needs within the marketplace,» said Steve Burton, Captiva‘s chief technology officer. «By continuing to improve our solutions’ abilities and further integrate them, we’re delivering our vision of a universal input management platform.»

New features of FormWare 5.0 include:

    * FormWare and InputAccel Integration. These new capabilities enhance how the product modules communicate and improve data access and interoperability.
    * New Capabilities. Among these is the browser-based eEntry, which leverages XML and HTTP technologies for Web-based completion, key-from-image and field reject repair from any workstation, anywhere in the world. Another new feature is the quality assurance (QA) statistics module that empowers users to track changes to field- and character-level data in order to analyze and optimize operator performance. Finally, a new document assembly mode enables operators to process a wider variety of forms, verify batch sequences and review image quality.
* Enhancements. Among these are e-mail alert notification, workstation polling, form-level image pre-processing, improved virtual form registration and inverse text optical character recognition (OCR) and key-from-image abilities.

New features of InputAccel 5.0 include:

    * Platform Improvements. The new platform abilities, which increase InputAccel’s processing speeds, scalability and availability for maximized performance, include ScaleServer, which enables users to centrally manage multiple sites, share clients and licenses and easily handle volume surges. Also included are a new Administrator module, enhanced server monitoring and the localization of key client modules that enable InputAccel to operate in different languages for international customers.
    * New Capabilities. Among these are color image enhancements, an upgraded OCR module, Web-based monitoring capabilities and new process Wizards for even easier system configuration.
* Back-End Connectivity Enhancements. New connectivity enhancements, which improve InputAccel’s integration with enterprise content management (ECM) systems and other data repositories, include advanced exporters to IBM’s Content Manager, OpenText’s LiveLink and other systems.

InputAccel transforms mission-critical data from paper and faxes into business-ready content. FormWare manages business-critical information from forms, documents and electronic data streams into enterprise systems. By delivering accurate, timely and usable data, InputAccel and FormWare offer users reduced operational costs, improved information quality and accelerated business processes.

FormWare 5.0 and InputAccel 5.0 are available immediately. Details of the new versions are available at

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