Click2learn, fabricante de Learning Content Management System para gran empresa y con oficinas en España, acaba de poner a la venta la nueva versión de su reconocido software, Aspen, la 2.5. Entre las novedades más destacables está la mejora en la integración con las Bases de Datos Oracle y SQL Server.


BELLEVUE, Wash.–Sept. 22, 2003– Click2learn today announced the launch of Aspen 2.5.
In addition to a wide variety of performance and scalability enhancements to its LMS, LCMS and Virtual Classroom, this newest release of Aspen is highlighted by optimized support for both Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server, and by broad-ranging auditing, digital signatures, and other compliance capabilities critical to meeting the challenges of today’s highly regulated business environment.

The Aspen Enterprise Productivity Suite strategically leverages learning throughout the extended enterprise by managing training, information and knowledge to increase productivity and quicken time-to-performance. Whether managing multiple combinations of blended learning, structured knowledge documents, tacit organizational knowledge, or asynchronous, synchronous and instructor-led courses, Aspen delivers one experience to all users. Its rich, in-depth functionalities, including information management, performance management and personalized content delivery, among others, help companies successfully address sales readiness, regulatory compliance, employee development, customer and partner education, training automation and other key business goals.

«As global enterprises continue to realize the mission-critical role of learning in achieving productivity and bottom-line business success, their learning implementations are becoming increasingly strategic and sophisticated,» said Kevin Oakes, Click2learn chairman and CEO. «We continue to evolve Aspen to meet these complex requirements, anticipating what organizations will need to respond faster and smarter to economic and competitive demands and innovating features and functionalities to address those issues efficiently and cost-effectively.»

Auditing and Reporting for Comprehensive Regulatory Compliance

Organizations today are under intense pressure to demonstrate compliance with a host of regulations and legislation. To help companies meet the burden of these often complex, time-intensive requirements, Click2learn has significantly enhanced Aspen’s Auditing module in version 2.5.

With this module, pharmaceutical companies and other companies regulated by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) can fully comply with FDA CFR 21 Section 11. This law regulates storage, transmission and verification of electronic signatures, as well as the conditions needed to maintain the integrity of electronic data stored and modified on computer systems. The Aspen Auditing module also enables companies to demonstrate compliance with other regulations such as HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), which calls for sweeping changes in most healthcare transaction and administrative information systems and affects most healthcare providers and related companies who do business electronically.

New compliance functionalities in Aspen 2.5 allow organizations to:

    * Document and validate user transactions with electronic signatures.
    * Quickly and easily create comprehensive reporting and data analysis with electronic records management, including digital signatures, time-stamped audit trails and other features.
* Increase system security and make it more difficult to tamper with data with advanced account and password management rules.

Aspen’s auditing features also are globalized and localized to support multiple languages, including French, German, Italian, Japanese, Latin American Spanish, European Spanish, UK English and US English, among others.

Oracle and SQL Server Optimization Through Groundbreaking Technology Innovation

Enabling more enterprises to leverage the full power of Aspen in their organizations, Aspen 2.5 now features simultaneous optimized support for Oracle 9.2 and Microsoft SQL Server 2000. For customers, this means a full-service enterprise productivity solution with consistent, seamless performance and functionality regardless of data management platform, but which also fully leverages the features unique to each platform.

Performance and Scalability Enhancements

Aspen 2.5 includes a wide variety of performance and scalability enhancements that provide faster, smoother implementation, reduced cost and risk and more powerful, flexible tools to increase organizational productivity.

Among these enhancements are:

    * Support for remote content scenarios, which locates content closer to remote users on the «edges of the network,» giving them faster access to content and information and saving corporate bandwidth for other critical functions.
    * Support for the XML-based DocBook standard, a popular format for content publishers, which broadens the number of tools content authors can leverage by allowing them to export content from Aspen’s LCMS into new formats outside of Aspen.
* Significantly increased robustness and scalability of Virtual Classroom components, including video, audio, chat, Q&A, whiteboard and application sharing.

«Aspen 2.5 is the most comprehensive version of our suite to-date, and gives our customers even more options for making knowledge a strategic, tangible asset in their organizations,» said Oakes. «Whether increased productivity, decreased time-to-compliance or significant cost savings, it has been gratifying to see the real return on investment our customers have reported after deploying Aspen. We believe Aspen 2.5 has even greater power to help them achieve these results and we are delighted to be bringing it to market today.»

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