Motive Management, fabricante de software, ha anunciado que Cognos, fabricante de software de Business Intelligence y de CPM utiliza el software de Motive para mejorar el servicio que ofrece a sus clientes mediante el ahorro de los tiempos de resolución de problemas.


AUSTIN, Texas, April 28 — Motive, Inc., a leading provider of software that makes technology self-managing, today announced that Cognos, the world leader in business intelligence (BI) and corporate performance management (CPM), has deployed Motive software to help customers more efficiently manage their business-critical applications. Motive software automates many of the manual steps, such as problem diagnosis and resolution, required by customers and Cognos service representatives to maintain and support Cognos applications in today’s increasingly complex technology environments. These capabilities are helping Cognos reduce problem resolution times as well as improve the overall customer experience.

«Continually advancing the customer experience is an integral part of our ongoing business success,» said Ed Shepherdson, vice-president of Global Customer Support at Cognos. «Thanks to Motive, we’re able to give our customers enhanced service through reduced problem resolution times, while simultaneously reducing our own service delivery costs.»

Currently, Motive’s software allows Cognos to focus on improving assisted- service, whereby a Cognos support representative uses the collected diagnostics to resolve problems collaboratively with customers. The company plans to offer additional services to extend its leadership in self- assistance, whereby a customer uses Cognos Support Accelerator to independently identify and resolve their problem, as well as in proactive service, where potential problems are identified and fixed before they become serious.

«Cognos software applications support the delivery of some of the most advanced business technology services on the market today,» said Scott Abel, executive vice president of Motive’s Enterprise Business Unit. «By helping Cognos enhance the serviceability and reliability of its offerings through self-management capabilities, Motive enables its customer application environments to operate as efficiently as possible.»

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