Debeka, compañía alemana de seguros de salud, ha firmado un acuerdo con ReadSoft por un valor de dos millones de euros a través del cual ReadSoft proveerá una solución de automatización de captura. El acuerdo consta de licencias, y servicio de soporte y mantenimiento


Germany’s largest private health insurer Debeka signs 1.95 MEUR deal with ReadSoft

ReadSoft in Germany has signed one of the largest deals ever in ReadSoft’s history with Debeka, Germany’s largest private health insurance company. ReadSoft will provide an input automation solution worth 1.95 MEUR. The deal consists of licenses, support and maintenance and services and was signed in the second quarter of 2012.

With over 2 million members, Debeka is the largest private health insurer in Germany. Including the additional insurance for members of public health insurances, the company serves approximately 4.7 million insured people. The organization searched a high performance input automation solution to replace the existing input management system and enable greater processing efficiencies across the enterprise.

After extensive benchmarking, Debeka chose ReadSoft’s XBOUND solution and XBOUND Scan Clients. “ReadSoft’s solution provides considerable benefits in terms of process modelling, overall monitoring as well as administration and database architecture making the new automation solution highly cost-effective in everyday operations,” says Jürgen Arendt, Head of IT at Debeka. The first stage of the project will be to migrate Debeka’s old input automation solution processing approximately 76 million pages per year. In the second stage the organization is planning to expand the new input automation solution across all Debeka Group’s classes.

“Debeka chose ReadSoft as they recognized that we could provide a high performance and future proof automation solution that offers even greater visibility and control over all incoming information. We look forward to playing an important role in Debeka’s future success by helping them improve service levels while keeping costs down,” says Per Åkerberg, President and CEO of ReadSoft. “It is also really gratifying to see that ReadSoft’s strategies are to the point. They state, among others, that ReadSoft shall be active in the consolidation of the market and focus on BPOs and customers that handle large amounts of documents. When our newly acquired solution and our legacy team close a deal like this it really shows the strength in our combined offering,” finishes Per Åkerberg.

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