La filial USA de la francesa Egide (, un fabricante de receptáculos especiales para situar chips y elementos electrónicos, está implementando el software Project Lifecycle Management de Cyco para gestionar la información y documentación derivada del diseño y fabricación de sus productos. Cyco tiene dos distribuidores en España.


ATLANTA, GA Aug. 24 — Cyco Software, a leading global software company offering engineering data management (EDM) solutions, announced today that EGIDE USA, a company that designs and manufactures hermetic glass-to- metal and ceramic-to-metal packaging, has implemented Cyco AutoManager Meridian to manage all of its engineering and design information. The solution has been implemented by DataCore Technology, a consulting firm specializing in implementing EDM solutions for organizations in the energy, government, manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries.

Based in Cambridge, MD, EGIDE USA is part of the French EGIDE S.A. group, which is headquartered in Trappes, France and has divisions in England, Morocco and the United States. Four years ago, EGIDE noticed a significant change in its marketplace. Its telecommunications business curtailed and EGIDE was forced to expand its presence into Military/Aero and Commercial applications. The company’s management encouraged its staff to look for ways to work more efficiently to weather these challenging times.

EGIDE needed a way to get better control of technical documentation and related data, while still making it available throughout the entire organization. The company decided to implement Cyco AutoManager Meridian, an engineering data management package by Cyco Software. Cyco AutoManager Meridian offers a comprehensive set of features that enables companies to quickly manage, share, secure and archive engineering documentation. With its powerful customization toolbox, the product can be adjusted to fit the specific demands of any organization.

Steve Forehand, IT Director with EGIDE USA, was in charge of overseeing the implementation of the Cyco AutoManager Meridian data management system. He explains that with Cyco AutoManager Meridian all the different departments of EGIDE have direct access to relevant engineering information. From engineering to the production shop floor, to quality control and sales, everybody has access to drawing information at any given time.

«We are very pleased with Cyco AutoManager Meridian and the benefits it has delivered,» Forehand says. «All our departments are now able to retrieve engineering data at a moment’s notice. More importantly, people can rest assured that the information they pull up is the most recent. Cyco AutoManager Meridian’s implementation has resulted in less errors and miscommunication.»

DataCore Technology from Exton, PA helped EGIDE to customize and implement Cyco AutoManager Meridian. The company’s technical expertise and top-notch customer service not only led to a swift adoption of the EDM software, but also to a pleasant partnership. «DataCore has done an outstanding job for us,» raves Forehand. «Their entire staff has been highly responsive, providing us with expert advice. I highly recommend them.»


EGIDE designs and manufactures hermetic glass-to-metal and ceramic-to- metal packaging for telecommunications, industrial, military and aerospace applications. EGIDE products protect optical devices and circuits controlling wave monitoring, guided missiles, flight control operations, and many other applications. Products include 14 pin butterflies, mini-dil and various plug- in and flat pack style packages. For more information, please visit

About DataCore Technology

DataCore specializes in implementing electronic data management solutions for energy, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, and government organizations to help improve time to market, reduce asset maintenance costs, and comply with government regulations. DataCore operates with the highest degree of integrity, provides quality products and services, and maintains a steadfast commitment to excellence. For more information, please visit .

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