Ektron (www.ektron.com), compañía especializada en soluciones de gestión de contenido, ha anunciado la disponibilidad de Ektron 9, la última actualización de su producto de web content management Ektron 9. Entre las nuevas funcionalidades se encuentran herramientas más fáciles de utilizar para que los mercadólogos puedan controlar y mejorar la experiencia a través de dispositivos móviles, personalización del contenido más simple y una interfaz de usuario rediseñada. Más abajo el resto del comunicado en inglés.

«Our content authoring team is particularly happy with Ektron 9’s mobile viewing capabilities,» said Chris Osterhout, Director of Enterprise Solutions at Ektron implementation partner, WSOL. «For example, call-to-action buttons don’t always display correctly on smaller screen sizes. Now, we can preview what the page will look like on different devices right in the Ektron CMS instead of having to review it on tablets and phones and repeating until we had it right. That feature has been a great time-saver and real help to us.»

«The SOLR search inclusion, as well as the more visual breakpoint testing, will be the biggest new features from a developer standpoint,» says Ken McAndrew, Professional Consultant atCelerity, an Ektron implementation partner.

«One of the items I’m excited about is the use of Personas,» says Jonathan Graham, Senior Manager, Global Content Solutions Practice at Ektron implementation partner, Experis. «Too often websites are developed with getting pages and content up as fast as possible with little thought put into who, what, how and where people will access the site. The ability to visually show CMS owners (not only Marketing but IT) this information should start to develop more engaging user experiences; and, in turn, help drive increased lead conversions.»

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