Ektron ha anunciado hoy en la feria Enterprise Content Management 2003 que se celebra en Londres las nuevas versiones, la 4.0, de sus editorers XML Ektron eWebEditPro+XML y de eWebEditPro. Ambos editores facilitan la edición de contenido, plantillas XSLT y formularios XML por usuarios no técnicos. Ektron no tiene, que sepamos, partners directos en España aunque sí clientes.


AMHERST, N.H. & LONDON–Oct. 7, 2003—- Today at the London-based Enterprise Content Management 2003 event, Ektron announced version 4.0 of Ektron eWebEditPro+XML and eWebEditPro. These browser-based editing tools streamline content management and deliver new functionality for data collection, publishing and reuse.

Ektron eWebEditPro+XML is the first browser-based editing tool designed to make XML authoring transparent for end-users. Version 4.0 includes a new Design Mode feature, which automates the manual step of creating XML structure and supporting documents, including XSLTs and schemas. Version 4.0 of Ektron eWebEditPro, the market-leading, browser-based HTML/XHTML editor, also adds new functionality.

«With Ektron eWebEditPro+XML, organizations can exploit XML’s superior data collection, storage, and presentation capabilities in a simple, straightforward and coherent way,» says Ektron CEO Bill Rogers. «Our WYSIWYG environment hides XML from the business user. Now, we add a Design Mode to eliminate the need for developers to write XLSTs and schemas. Ektron’s editor automates previously time-consuming XML-oriented tasks.»

Extending the power of content management

Ektron eWebEditPro+XML extends powerful content management concepts to any general purpose Web application designed for collecting, storing and repurposing data. «Benefits go beyond FAQs, press releases, and knowledge base articles,» Rogers says. «With significant potential to improve searchability, this tool is powerful for product catalogues, publication listings, real estate listings, contact databases and elsewhere.»

According to Rogers, eWebEditPro+XML’s new Design Mode builds an abstraction layer that hides the complexities of XSLTs and schemas. Developers can give non-technical users this tool to create environments for data input and validation. Using a new Drag and Drop toolbar, the user creates a Web page that resembles a form. With the tool, the user can position elements to define and design the layout of XML data, and use simple dialogs to define criteria for data validity.

Ektron’s new Design Mode for XML: An example

For example, the new Design Mode can be used to create a Web page for adding book listings. A user of the Design Mode can simply drag in a «Title» field, for an end-user to enter a book name. He can insert a drop-down menu, where the book’s «Genre» can be selected. He can add a «Description» field with rich text editing capabilities for bold, italics, bullets, hyperlinks, images, etc. With a right-click dialogue, he can specify validation parameters, for example ensuring a ten-digit number in a «Telephone» field.

Once the data collection environment is designed, eWebEditPro+XML can be used in Edit Mode. Anyone, regardless of HTML or XML skill, can use the tool to add information into data entry fields, for example, staff members on an intranet, partners on an extranet, or visitors to a public site. Ektron’s editor makes data ready for publication to the Web. Data can also be stored for use in other applications or output to other environments (print, mobile devices, etc.)

Simplified Publishing

Rogers says, «We simplify the publishing process by creating a display XSLT to show data as it appears as content in a Web page. With word processor-like editing, business users need little training. XML is created behind the scenes. Developers no longer need to transform or validate XML. Ektron editors take care of this, and also create Web-friendly content by stripping out excess tags in rich text.»

Additional new features in both Ektron eWebEditPro+XML and eWebEditPro Version 4.0 include enhanced form field editing (for standard HTML page editing) and support for Ektron WebImageFX, one of the industry’s first browser-based image editors.

About Ektron eWebEditPro and eWebEditPro+XML

Ektron’s browser-based editors allow users to easily create HTML- or XML content in a WYSIWYG environment. Developers use the tool to control the way content appears, automate manual tasks, and customize for specific needs. Ektron editors deliver a broader range of features than other editing products, and can be integrated into any dynamic Web application server environment. Today Ektron is used in more bought and built solutions than any other browser-based Web editor. Pricing starts at $299 for 10 users, with enterprise pricing available.

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