Ixiasoft es la empresa canadiense fabricante de la base de datos XML TextML server. Tienen una gran presencia en España gracias a empresas de sistemas editoriales de prensa como Ailink. Acaban de anunciar el lanzamiento de un kit de integración con el Microsoft Content Management Server 2002.

IXIASOFT – Press ReleasesIXIASOFT announces the availability of the beta for the IXIASOFT Integration Kit for Microsoft Content Management Server 2002, enabling high performance XML search
Integration Kit to appeal to developers and system integrators creating web content management solutions
Montreal, Canada – IXIASOFT, the XML content server market leader, announced today the public availability of the beta version for the IXIASOFT Integration Kit for Microsoft Content Management Server 2002. IXIASOFT will make available, effective today, the Integration Kit for its flagship product, TEXTML server.

The integration enables Content Management Server 2002 developers and system integrators to deploy sites that take advantage of TEXTML Server’s high-performance XML search technology.  The use of TEXTML Server with Content Management Server 2002 enables customers to enhance the XML placeholder object with the ability to do full-text and meta-data searches across XML content.
TEXTML Server is a leading XML content server designed to store, index, and retrieve XML content. Combined with Microsoft Content Management Server 2002, which produces and publishes XML content natively, TEXTML Server accelerates the development of XML search capabilities, giving users access to critical business content quickly and accurately.

Content Management Server 2002 enables organizations to manage content in XML format with XML Placeholder Objects, said Eric Swift, group product manager of .NET Enterprise Servers at Microsoft Corp. For customers wanting enhanced XML search capabilities with Content Management Server, IXIASOFT TEXTML Server is a good complement to the product and helps organizations quickly deploy these search capabilities. Helping customers find exactly what they need on your web site is critical in todays business environment, where competition is fierce and agility is the key to success.

The integration kit consists of .NET Composite Controls that can be dragged and dropped from the Visual Studio .NET toolbox into a Content Management Server 2002 site being developed. These customizable controls will enable developers to provide search and sort functionalities on postings based on the content of placeholders, properties and custom properties.

The combination of TEXTML Server with Microsoft Content Management Server 2002 provides developers with the means to build, deploy and maintain content-rich websites with advanced search functionality and enables them to decrease development time, said Jean-Paul Chauvet, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at IXIASOFT. Customers of Content Management Server 2002 will benefit from cutting-edge information retrieval technology to gain instant access to key business information.

The Integration Kit is available for developers and system integrators from the IXIASOFT website. In order to optimize the deployment of TEXTML Server with Microsoft Content Management Server 2002, the IXIASOFT support team is available to offer assistance for the installation and configuration of the Kit and explain its functionality.

About TEXTML Server
TEXTML Server is an XML Content Server whose purpose is to store, index and retrieve XML content. It is the first embeddable XML Server for OEMs and developers of XML applications. It has been designed as an OEM product to build document-centric XML applications, such as electronic documentation management systems, wireless content publishing, enterprise portals, or patient record systems, where the content consists mostly of rich semi-structured information. The key advantages of TEXTML Server include the ability to combine full-text and metadata search, speed of execution, schema independence, ease of integration, and aggressive OEM-geared pricing model.

IXIASOFT develops and distributes TEXTML Server, an XML Content Server whose purpose is to store, index and retrieve XML content. IXIASOFT is the only true provider of a document-centric XML server specializing in the storage and publishing of XML documents. IXIASOFT was recently designated by Computerworld as one of the «Top Emerging Technology Companies»; IXIASOFT enjoys a global customer base with various vertical markets such as aerospace, media & publishing, energy, and government. Its most notable users include the United States Air Force, the UK Public Record Office, AT&T, and Alstom. Strategic partners include Adobe Systems, Altova, Corel, Ektron, Microsoft, DataJunction, HiTSoftware, and Veridian Systems. IXIASOFT is a voting member of the W3C. For more information, go to www.ixiasoft.com.

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