El avance del XML como estándar en la creación de contenidos sigue propiciando acuerdos. El último de ellos se ha materializado entre Stellent, productor de soluciones de gestión documental y Corel, empresa especializada en herramientas de creación de contenidos. Gracias a éste la primera integrará en su arquitectura CMS el Corel XMetaL, la herramienta de Corel para la creación en XML.

La integración de ambas aplicaciones permitirá a los usuarios de XMetaL tener acceso a todas las funcionalidades del sistema de gestión de contenidos de Stellent, tales como la categorización, acceso a librerías, elementos de colaboración en la creación del contenido, publicación en web, búsqueda o workflow, sin abandonar el interface de la herramienta de Corel al que están acostumbrados.

Responsables de Stellent han manifestado que su interés en este acuerdo es debido a la cada vez más numerosa adopción de herramientas para la creación de contenidos en XML. A este respecto algunas consultoras han hecho públicos estudios que multiplican por cinco el valor del mercado del XML en los próximos años.

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Stellent Announces Integration between Stellent Content Management and Corel XMetaL
Product integration expands Stellent’s existing XML capabilities to meet user requirements to author content in XML while utilizing Stellent’s Universal Content Management architecture

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn.OTTAWA Nov, 12. Stellent a global provider of content management solutions, and Corel Corp., a leading XML technology company, today announced an integration between the Stellent® Content Management system and the award-winning XML authoring platform, Corel® XMetaL®. The product integration expands Stellent’s existing strong XML functionality to meet increasing customer demand for the ability to create content using XML authoring tools and store it directly in a content management system.
«Stellent has a long history of providing robust XML functionality — including the ability to automatically convert native formats to XML — to our customers,» said Dan Ryan, executive vice president of marketing and business development for Stellent. «The benefits of XML — including content reuse, increased author efficiency and reduced publishing/maintenance costs — have driven many users to adopt XML authoring tools for their content creation processes. In fact, according to ZapThink, the market for XML content lifecycle solutions is expected to grow from $1.8 billion in 2003 to more than $11.6 billion by 2008. Our integration with Corel XMetaL is yet another step along our XML roadmap, helping us meet existing and future customer demand for this functionality. This integration further extends Stellent’s commitment to allowing users to work in common desktop applications and enables them to continue their normal work patterns unchanged.»

Together, Corel XMetaL and Stellent enable users to easily create, update, store and manage a variety of XML content for a number of purposes including Web content, technical publications, and product and manufacturing documentation. Users have access to all Stellent Universal Content Management functionalities, including content conversion, library services, categorization, workflow, Web publishing, content collaboration, content distribution and enterprise search. In addition, the integration allows users to search for and open XML content stored in the Stellent system directly from the Corel XMetaL interface.

«We are pleased to work with Stellent to serve this growing market with a new integrated solution for XML creation, management and publishing. Stellent’s unique approach to bursting documents into XML fragments brings a significant offering to the market that will impact enterprise customers in an important way,» said Bruce Sharpe, vice president of XML content solutions for Corel. «There are many synergies between our applications — including both tools’ strict adherence to standards — which ensure that this integration will provide a cohesive and powerful offering to our customers.»

Key Features and Benefits

The Stellent Content Management/Corel XMetaL integration will provide the following key features and benefits to Stellent customers:

User-friendly contribution interface — The WebDAV integration allows users to manage content in Stellent Content Server for use in Corel XMetaL.
Efficient content reuse — The XML fragment bursting capability enables users to break a single document into smaller XML fragments to enable efficient content reuse across multiple documents. All XML fragments are managed objects in the Stellent Content Management system.
Streamlined content updates — A parent-child relationship is maintained between XML components allowing users to update a fragment once and have the update reflected in all parent files where the fragment appears.
Impact analysis — An impact analysis identifies where a given fragment is used and what content or master files will be affected by a particular fragment change.
Customizable integrations — By leveraging the extensibility of Corel XMetaL, custom actions can be applied during drag and drop operations from the Stellent repository to the XML document.
Consistent content creation — The integration provides support for the structured authoring environment (using DTDs or schemas) managed by Corel XMetaL.

Stellent Content Management Features

Stellent Content Management provides a single product architecture that offers Web content management, document management, collaboration, records management and digital asset management functionalities. The system enables customers to rapidly deploy line-of-business Web sites, such as employee portals and partner extranets, as well as enterprise-wide solutions that standardize content management for use by multiple sites and applications throughout an organization. The Stellent Content Management system offers the widest array of content contribution and content delivery mechanisms on the market, enabling any user to contribute any kind of content into the system for conversion, management and delivery to any kind of Web site or application. It also integrates with existing security systems and provides business personalization, content integration, distribution and categorization features. For information on how to obtain Stellent Content Management, contact Stellent at 1-8

About Corel XMetaL

Focusing on the specific needs of both developers and authors, Corel XMetaL 4 is a platform that extends XML content editing to virtually any Windows application, including email and Web browsers. It provides the only richly-customizable XML editing solutions that support dynamic validation for both DTDs and W3C Schemas. Composed of four separate applications, Corel XMetaL is designed to meet the unique requirements of IT managers, developers and end users.

About Stellent, Inc.

Stellent, Inc. (www.stellent.com) is a global provider of content management solutions. The company’s Stellent Content Management system enables customers to rapidly deploy line-of-business Web sites, such as employee portals and partner extranets, as well as enterprise-wide solutions that standardize content management for use by multiple sites and applications throughout an organization. Stellent has been ranked one of the top three content management vendors by industry analyst firms Gartner Dataquest, Giga Information Group and Aberdeen Group, and has more than 1,500 customers, including much of the Global 2000. Its customer roster includes Procter & Gamble, Merrill Lynch, Los Angeles County, British Red Cross, ING, Target Corp., Janus, Emerson Process Management and various BlueCross BlueShield organizations across 15 states. Stellent is headquartered in Eden Prairie, Minn. and maintains offices throughout the United States, Europe and Asia-Pacific.

About Corel Corporation

Founded in 1985, Corel Corporation (www.corel.com) is a leading technology company specializing in content creation tools, business process management and XML-enabled enterprise solutions. The company’s goal is to give consumers and enterprise customers the ability to create, exchange and instantly interact with visual content that is always relevant, accurate and available.

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