El Condado de Chatham, Georgia, lanzó su portal privado judicial sobre la plataforma Microsoft SharePoint 2010, para mejorar la comunicación y el intercambio de datos dentro de la corte del condado y las agencias de aplicación de la ley. La solución basada en SharePoint permitirá unir todos los recursos en una plataforma única y común, para compartir información entre los municipios y el condado.

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Chatham County and Northridge Partner on Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Judicial Portal

Northridge is pleased to announce that it is partnering with Chatham County, Georgia to analyze, define, build and deploy a private judicial portal on the Microsoft SharePoint 2010 platform to improve communication and data exchange within county court and law enforcement agencies and departments. The SharePoint-based solution will be known as the Eastern Judicial Circuit Data Exchange. This particular initiative will be the first to unite all county and municipal resources on one single common platform and to share information among municipal and county resources.

Chatham County issued a request for proposal (RFP) to contract with a single vendor partner to implement a solution for the digitization, organization, and management of criminal warrant records generated by all of the courts in the county, including eight municipal courts. Process and technology improvements in order to make the administration of justice more efficient were the primary business drivers behind the RFP.

After reviewing and receiving proposals from numerous vendors, Chatham County selected and chose to move forward with Northridge on the development of the Eastern Judicial Circuit Data Exchange. Northridge will develop and implement the solution leveraging the SharePoint 2010 platform.

One of the most recognizable benefits of this SharePoint-based Eastern Judicial Circuit Data Exchange solution will be the replacement of hand delivered court and city documentation with a system of electronic access and delivery, thereby significantly reducing the amount of time that county and municipal employees presently spend on non-law enforcement related activities while improving data exchange between the various agencies.

The system will not only enable faster exchange of critical data and improved processing of cases but also the expedited apprehension of persons with outstanding warrants, or of sex offenders who have failed to register. Thus, law enforcement agencies will benefit; the District Attorney’s office will have greater and improved access to law enforcement investigative materials; and cases will move through the courts with less delay. Crime victims will receive justice more expeditiously and the public will be safer as offenders are apprehended more swiftly. Of significant importance is the reduction of opportunity for human error through the replacement of multiple manual processes that are currently in place, benefitting every agency within the criminal justice system.

The SharePoint-based solution is anticipated to include the following core aspects:

    Warrant Repository: The warrant repository will enable the creation and storage of criminal warrants in digital format. The system will store metadata about each criminal warrant. The system will provide a capability to create a warrant digitally with the ability to affix digital signatures to documents using public key infrastructure (PKI) digital certificates. The system will also allow for scanning and storage of paper warrants and associated metadata.

    Data Matching & Notification: The system will enable periodic matching of warrant data and National Sex Offender Registry data with available municipality-provided and county data such as public utility customer lists, business license applications, building permits, and more. This feature will facilitate the location of persons with outstanding warrants or sex offenders who have relocated to the area but have failed to register with the Sheriff’s office. Local law enforcement agents may view the data on demand from this portal site and take action accordingly. The system will make it possible for the user to subscribe to be notified when a report has produced a match.

    Digital Records Transfer and Workflow: The system will enable users in the municipal courts and law enforcement agencies to scan and upload documents so that they may flow to the trial courts and the District Attorney’s office. Each document will be tagged with metadata such as the municipal case number or traffic citation number, the document type, and the source agency. When documents are received by the trial courts, court-specific metadata, such as defendant ID, trial court case number, will be added to the document. The metadata will enable users throughout the justice system to track documents relevant to a given case. Each trial court case will have a dedicated portal site that will show all the associated documents and defendant information. Users will also be able to subscribe to a trial court case site so that when a new document is associated with a given trial court case (or an existing document is changed), the user will receive an email notification.

    Sentencing and Discharge Notification: Municipal workers, law enforcement agents, or any other employees will have the ability to subscribe to sentencing or disposition email notifications for a defendant related to a given court case. The user may navigate to the court case’s portal site and request this subscription, or alternatively, the user will be prompted for a subscription after scanning or uploading a new document.

Northridge follows a proven, comprehensive business consulting approach to planning and implementing SharePoint, called Navigate™ , which leverages the Northridge True North Methodology™, experience, and best practices. Utilizing the Navigate approach to define and validate Chatham County’s expectations and requirements for the SharePoint portal solution, Northridge is developing the Eastern Judicial Circuit Data Exchange portal solution leveraging out-of-the-box SharePoint functionality, Northridge custom SharePoint functionality and third-party tool integration.


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