El Departamento de Defensa americano ha certificado el software para Colaboración Livelink MeetingZone, de Open Text, para ser utilizado por agencias USA de Defensa e inteligencia. Este tipo de software es el utilizado para, por ejemplo, realizar reuniones online entre oficinas distantes geográficamente sin necesidad de tener que desplazarse.


CHICAGO–Oct. 28, 2003– Open Text Corporation provider of Livelink, the leading collaboration and content management software for the global enterprise, said today that Livelink MeetingZone, the company’s online team meeting solution, has received U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) certification for collaboration software, a key requirement for all collaboration software used by U.S. defense and intelligence agencies. 

The certification defines Livelink MeetingZone as being interoperable with the Defense Collaboration Tool Suite (DCTS), which provides products and standards for collaboration tools used by defense and intelligence agencies. The DCTS certification applies to Livelink MeetingZone version 2.0.1 and higher. The certification process, which covers hardware and software for voice, video and Web conferencing, document and application sharing, instant messaging and electronic whiteboard functionality, is designed to improve the interoperability of collaboration tools used by different defense and intelligence agencies. The larger goal for the organization is to improve global defense planning and communications as well as coordination with civilian agencies such as the Department of Homeland Security. (For further information on DCTS, visit: http://www.disa.mil/ca/buyguide/feature/dcts.html).

«The need for information sharing between defense, intelligence and other U.S. Federal agencies has led to a greater focus on collaborative tools to help people work together online. With Livelink MeetingZone, we are able to hold real-time online meetings with our government customers, eliminating the need for travel, and the time consuming and arduous security checks that are compulsory for onsite meetings,» said Eric Moore, Vice President of Livelink Solutions at Professional Value Added (PVA), a provider of technology consulting services to U.S. Federal agencies and Fortune 500 companies.

«Improving collaboration is a high priority for the U.S. military and an enormous challenge, given the size of the DoD, the range of technologies it requires and the demands of providing secure, real-time collaboration for so many units operating around the globe,» said Anik Ganguly, Executive Vice President of Products at Open Text. «We are pleased to receive this certification and to have Livelink MeetingZone recognized as a leading collaboration solution that meets the difficult standards required for consideration by the major defense and intelligence agencies. It is also important when it comes to other Federal agencies, which use the DoD’s software certifications as standards for the solutions they purchase.»

The DCTS certification for Livelink MeetingZone marks the second major DoD certification the company has received in less than a year. In December, Open Text’s records management solutions, Livelink Records Management and iRIMS, were the first to receive a tough new security certification for records management software, known as the Management of Classified Records certification (DoD 5015.2 Chapter 4). The standard has become important to ensuring the security of official records as agencies seek to improve inter-agency collaboration in the wake of 9/11.

About Livelink MeetingZone

Livelink MeetingZone offers a flexible platform for online team meetings, with features designed to help teams have more productive, interactive meetings, and more effective meeting follow-up. Livelink MeetingZone provides a wide range of features, including presentation slideshows and application sharing, ad hoc polls, private instant messaging, group chat, whiteboarding, agenda annotations, shared notes, and the ability to make documents, URLs, and other content immediately accessible in the meeting space for all participants.

Throughout the course of a meeting, Livelink MeetingZone allows attendees to assign tasks to participants, recording who is required to work on which tasks and sending reminder e-mails to participants after the meeting has ended. Following the meeting, all notes and details from the meeting are saved, so those that missed the meeting can easily catch up and content from the meeting can be retained for the long term in the company’s Livelink knowledge repository.

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