Union Pacific Railroad, el ferrocarril más largo de EE.UU. emplea la plataforma de Business Intelligence de Hyperion para ahorrar tiempo y asegurarse de que sus métricas financieras y operacionales llegan correctamente al personal encargado de gestionar las operaciones de la empresa. La solución de Hyperion permite consultar los datos relacionados con las actividades de negocio de la empresa a través de Internet, lo cual posibilita el acceso a los mismos en tiempo real; además ofrece herramientas analíticas a medida para el análisis de dichas actividades.


SUNNYVALE, Calif., July 20  — Union Pacific Railroad, the largest railroad in North America, is leveraging the Hyperion Business Intelligence Platform to save time and ensure accuracy when distributing its financial and operational metrics to management personnel responsible for its rail operations. The Hyperion solution allows Union Pacific to deliver this data via the Internet, enabling its managers to access real-time requests related to business activities, and provide specifically tailored analytical tools to manage these activities.

«We’ve already seen a time savings benefit from using Hyperion Essbase and Hyperion Analyzer,» said Jeff Totusek, assistant vice president of financial analysis at Union Pacific. «Some recent requests that might have previously taken a couple of days were delivered in minutes.»

Hyperion Essbase and Hyperion Analyzer are both components of the Hyperion Business Intelligence Platform, which is core to the Hyperion Business Performance Management solution. Hyperion Essbase, the key foundation of the Business Intelligence Platform, offers the most advanced analytic environment for developers, and brings more power, flexibility, performance and scalability for business analysts and other end users. Hyperion Analyzer delivers powerful, intuitive, Web-based interactive analysis using a graphical and easy-to-use interactive interface. Union Pacific partnered with ThinkFast Consulting, Inc., a Business Performance Management services firm, to deploy its solution.

«Our goal is to work better through quality processes, smarter via our yield strategy, and faster by effectively managing the critical resources affecting velocity,» Totusek said. «Hyperion will help us in these areas through improved data distribution and control. With faster access to integrated data, our managers will be better able to respond to business changes by identifying shortfalls or opportunities and thus make faster, more informed decisions.»

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