MicroStrategy, fabricante de software BI,  ha anunciado que Sprint, importante multinacional de las telecomunicaciones con presencia en más de 100 países y más de 26 millones de clientes, ha ampliado las aplicaciones de la plataforma de MicroStrategy con la incorporación de MicroStrategy Report Services. MicroStrategy proporciona a Sprint 27 aplicaciones y que utilizan más de 16.000 usuarios.


MCLEAN, Va., April 13 MicroStrategy Incorporated, a leading worldwide provider of business intelligence software, today announced that telecommunications giant Sprint has significantly expanded its deployment of MicroStrategy’s platform, adopting MicroStrategy Report Services, and making MicroStrategy its enterprise-wide business intelligence standard.

Sprint’s deployment of the MicroStrategy Business Intelligence Platform is extensive, encompassing multiple critical projects, anchoring 27 applications, and supporting more than 16,000 employees. Sprint is harnessing MicroStrategy for such areas as call-traffic analysis, marketing analysis, financial performance assessments, and Web-traffic analysis.

Sprint, with approximately 70,000 employees worldwide and nearly $27 billion in annual revenues, is a global integrated communications provider serving more than 26 million customers in over 100 countries. Sprint’s Target State Architecture is a key initiative within the Information Technology Services (ITS) organization to perform more efficiently, and reduce costs by consolidating operations into a centrally managed environment.

«We’re pleased that MicroStrategy’s unique infrastructure and exceptional capabilities have scaled to our ever-growing requirements, satisfying the business requirements of our widespread end user community,» said Sprint’s Manager of Systems Development John Bentley. «MicroStrategy will offer exceptional uptime and reliability, while offering flexibility and responsiveness as Sprint solidifies its standing as a world-leading customer- centric company.»

For more than eight years, Sprint has been using the MicroStrategy platform to provide employees with large-scale availability of information, enabling them to recognize new revenue streams, streamline operations and deliver value-added customer experiences. MicroStrategy Report Services simplifies the deployment of business intelligence applications throughout a large organization — to all its employees, customers, and suppliers — and delivers a range of enterprise report types that companies need.

«We’re very proud that Sprint is now making MicroStrategy its business intelligence standard. This will allow Sprint to deliver high-value business intelligence to its employees across its global enterprise,» said MicroStrategy’s COO Sanju K. Bansal. «Sprint will benefit still further from MicroStrategy Report Services, as that combines the best in business analytics and reporting to bring customers an integrated technology that can fulfill their analytical data and reporting requirements enterprise-wide.»

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