El Departamento de Industria y Comercio del gobierno británico ha escogido la aplicación para portales de Vignette para la creación de comunidades virtuales de interés para la colaboración entre universidades, empresas y otras organizaciones vinculadas a una misma industria o sector económico.

Las autoridades británicas pusieron en marcha la primera de estas comunidades el pasado mes de septiembre, cuyo éxito les ha llevado a planificar un total de otras 20 iniciativas similares para otros tantos sectores industriales.

El diseño de estos portales estará dirigido a que empresas y organizaciones académicas británicas puedan identificar oportunidades de colaboración con otras empresas e instituciones tanto nacionales como internacionales, así como a permitirles una puesta al día de las últimas tecnologías y patentes referentes a su sector y la organización de eventos y talleres de formación online.

El Departamento de Industria y Comercio británico ha valorado en su elección de la solución para portales de Vignette tanto la capacidad de esta herramienta para la generación y personalización de diferentes portales por parte de usuarios no especialistas como por su facilidad de integración y gestión, su flexibilidad y el soporte de estándares abiertos. 

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Vignette Application Portal Powers New U.K. Government Initiative
The U.K. Government’s Department of Trade and Industry Selects Vignette and Autonomy to Create Online Collaborative Communities of Interest for Industry

AUSTIN, TexasNov. 11, 2003– Vignette Corp today announced that the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), the United Kingdom’s fourth-largest government department, has selected VignetteR Application Portal (VAP) to power a new project run by its Key Business Technologies (KBT) Strategy Unit. The project will create communities of interest, which will encourage online collaboration among businesses, universities and leading overseas organizations that are active in these key emerging business technologies.

Vignette was selected because it enabled the rapid deployment and management of new portals across a single framework with minimal time and effort. DTI’s deployment of VAP together with an Autonomy Corp. plc solution is a testament to the ongoing relationship between Vignette and Autonomy in integrating best-of-breed technologies for enterprise use.

The DTI is tasked with encouraging the growth of business in the United Kingdom and promoting productivity and competitiveness among businesses. The KBT Strategy Unit’s objective is to create collaboration across industry sectors. The first initiative being launched is a «fuel cell» portal designed for U.K. companies and academics to identify opportunities for collaboration at home or with foreign partners, allowing them to keep abreast of technology developments, including the latest patents, and participate in online workshops and events.

With its co-sponsors, The Carbon Trust, Department for Transport, EPSRC and Fuel Cells UK, the DTI launched the first of these community portals, at the Grove International Symposium in September. The success of this approach is likely to lead to an additional 20 communities of interest in the future.

The DTI selected the Vignette portal solution because it enables users to quickly generate, manage and customize single or multiple portals without the requirement of IT specialists, improving the time-to-market of each new portal. Vignette also was chosen for its ease of integration and management, flexibility, robustness and support for open standards.

«In a world of growing technological complexity and rapid change, a key driver of innovation is the ability of firms to network with leading sources of technology, wherever they are in the world. Technology forums, bringing together business and academic research teams in the United Kingdom and elsewhere, to facilitate collaboration in emerging technologies, are an important part of the U.K. government’s innovation strategy,» said Allan Mayo, deputy director of DTI’s KBT Strategy Unit. «We required a portal solution that could be deployed rapidly, easily managed by non-IT users and one that allowed us future flexibility to grow. Vignette Application Portal will allow us to do that.»

A key integration requirement for the DTI is Vignette’s incorporation of
Autonomy’s Intelligent Data Operating Layer (IDOL) with unique active
matching technologies, to power collaboration interactions between users and content, including multilingual sources.

«IDOL automates real-time operations and removes the costly effects and
dependencies of manually intensive information tasks,» said Mike Lynch, CEO and founder of Autonomy. «We are delighted that the power and value of Autonomy technology in conjunction with Vignette, a valued Autonomy OEM, is being demonstrated by the DTI to deliver a world-class collaboration solution. We look forward to the further expansion of the DTI’s service, which is a vital tool for businesses looking to operate globally from this country.»

The Vignette Application Portal has been implemented and is being supported by PFI Knowledge Solutions, a systems integration partner of the DTI with experience with the Vignette technology, and Pera, an innovation strategy company, which already manages the department’s Global Watch activities.

«It is testament to the economies of scale and ease of use of our portal
offering that the DTI has selected Vignette, together with Autonomy, for
this key project,» said Gonzalo Usandizaga, vice president and general
manager of EMEA Vignette. «Our portal solution enables organizations to
quickly create, manage and deploy portals and enterprise Web applications
through an integrated solution. By placing control of portal applications
with business users, our suite can sharply reduce the time and cost
associated with launching, customizing and managing portals, helping create more effective online relationships.»

About Vignette in the Public Sector

The DTI project demonstrates Vignette’s strength in rapidly deploying
award-winning solutions to public sector organizations. Other European
public-sector customers include the Spanish Department of Foreign Trade,
Madrid City Council, Bayernet, UK Online, e-Universities and Sweden’s
National Board of Youth Affairs. Globally Vignette has provided solutions to the U.S. IRS, the U.S. Navy, the State of Michigan and U.S. Anti-Terrorism

About Vignette

Vignette enables enterprises to achieve real-time advantage by rapidly building, deploying and optimizing Web-based applications. Vignette powers the enterprise Web for more than 1,600 leading organizations and is headquartered in Austin, Texas. Vignette has offices located throughout the Americas, Europe, Asia and in Australia, and can be
found on the Web at http://www.vignette.com/.

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) has the clear aim of generating wealth for everyone in the United Kingdom by helping people and businesses become more productive and more successful.

About Autonomy (http://www.autonomy.com/)

Autonomy Corporation plc is a global leader in infrastructure software for the enterprise. Autonomy’s technology powers applications dependent upon unstructured information including call center, customer relationship management, knowledge management, enterprise portals, enterprise resource planning, online publishing and security applications. Autonomy’s customer base includes more
than 1,000 global companies.

Pera (http://www.pera.com/), the innovation strategy company, based in
Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire is the program manager for the online
collaboration communities of interest. Pera also manages a suite of programs for the DTI’s International Technology Service (ITS).

PFI Knowledge Solutions is a systems integration company, which has worked with DTI and Pera over the past three years implementing leading-edge technology solutions including http://www.globalwatchonline.com/

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