El órgano alemán encargado de la certificación de soluciones IT ha concedido a la solución de Record Management de Filenet la certificación de calidad DOMEA que permite a los organismos federales alemanes la compra de un software para Gestión Documental o Record Management. DOMEA esta enmarcado en un programa de ‘oficina sin papeles del gobierno alemán’.


COSTA MESA, Calif., Oct. 28 /– FileNet Corporation announced today that its German-based records management solution has been granted DOMEA certification by the German Coordination and Advisory Board for Information Technology within the Federal Administration (KBSt).

DOMEA, which stands for Document Management and Electronic Archiving in IT-supported business processes, is a broad-scale German government information management requirement. The program, also known as «Konzept Papierarmes Buro» (the paperless office concept), was instituted by the KBSt to assist government agencies in selecting suitable solutions or suppliers of content management, business process management and records management. To date, few suppliers have been able to meet DOMEA’s 250+ requirements to achieve certification.

«We recognize that records management and compliance are issues that transcend geographic boundaries, yet may be unique from country to country» said David Caldeira, vice president of product marketing, FileNet. «Which is why FileNet has focused on providing solutions for regulatory compliance in international markets as well as the United States. Our DOMEA certification is significant because for the first time, a DOMEA certified product from a leading global supplier of ECM solutions is available to German public sector customers.»

FileNet’s DOMEA certification comes as the company launched its FileNet Records Manager suite, designed to offer comprehensive lifecycle management of records from inception to disposition. While content management can provide the visibility and control of documents and content, Business Process Management supports records management throughout the life of critical documents. When used in conjunction with specific records management capabilities, ECM technology can provide an effective and scalable platform for regulatory compliance.

FileNet technology is deployed at several German government agencies and organizations, including the State Department, Brandenburg Office of Administrative Fines and German Research Foundation. FileNet ECM is used by more than 900 government entities worldwide and in 45 of the 50 United States of America.

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