Alberta Children’s Services, un servicio gubernamental canadiense de asistencia a niños y a familias formado por 10 departamentos, ha implementado el software de business intelligence de Cognos para mejorar el acceso a la información que manejan todos ellos con el fin de conseguir un reparto de recursos más eficaz. Con la incorporación de este software ahora resulta mucho más sencillo para ACS evaluar los distintos casos y distribuir las ayudas de forma más eficaz.


BURLINGTON, Mass., April 20 — Alberta Children’s Services (ACS) has implemented a solution from Cognos, the world leader in enterprise business intelligence (EBI) and corporate performance management solutions. ACS has chosen to standardize on Cognos ReportNet for all internal reporting needs. By improving access, distribution, and integration of disparate business information, Cognos EBI is a critical component of information management in support of the Alberta Response Model, which aims to improve outcomes for children, youth, and families who come into contact with child protection and family enhancement services.

ACS is comprised of 10 regional Child and Family Services Authorities (CFSAs) that oversee the delivery of programs and services to children and families across the province. The implementation of Cognos EBI solutions will enable CFSAs to evaluate and compare the trends in caseloads across the spectrum of services provided. By uniting caseload, financial, human resources and demographical data, ACS management can obtain a more complete view on business issues. The information can be assessed using a number of factors, which facilitates better decision-making and better allocation of resources. For example, by providing data in context with business factors, managers can now access and analyze detailed information to assess organizational issues such as staff turnover rates and cost-per-case trends. «Cognos has given us the ability to unite and use a number of our existing data assets to gain an accurate, consolidated view of operations across the province,» said Frank Scarfone, manager, information management, Alberta Children Services. «In the area of child welfare, it is crucial that we are able to identify and plan appropriately to changes in our cases. Using the Cognos solution, business areas have greater insight into the caseloads across regions, drawing attention to areas requiring further in-depth analysis.»

The next step for Alberta Children’s Services is to begin the collective measuring of service outcomes. By identifying and tracking required outcomes for the various services, ACS can ensure that business strategy is aligned with execution. ACS hopes that establishing standard performance measures will contribute to tracking and achieving the many business goals such as reducing the amount of time children spend in temporary foster homes and faster case resolution for families in the system. The scorecarding application will also help ACS to determine how well contracted service agencies are performing when compared to anticipated outcomes and will provide the opportunity to quickly identify areas of concern and make recommendations for improvement.

«Cognos EBI solutions deliver business intelligence components in a single, end-to-end business intelligence framework that meets the diverse needs of customers across the public sector,» says Terence Atkinson, director of public sector solutions, Cognos. «Alberta Children’s Services is one of a number of Cognos’ public sector customers engaged in innovative ways to improve the speed and quality of service to the public. In addition, agencies can manage tactical risk and strategic business performance by viewing multiple metrics tied to performance indicators.»

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