WebFocus Quick Query, la herramienta de reporting de Information Builders, no tiene a partir de ahora un precio en base a usuario sino sólo de licencia genérica.


New York, NY March 30, 2004 Information Builders, the leader in enterprise business intelligence (BI) solutions and real-time Web reporting, today announced that WebFOCUS Quick Query, the industry’s first ad hoc reporting tool for business users, will be made available with no per-user fee.

Unlike many business intelligence tools that are geared toward advanced users with complex information requirements, Quick Query was designed to meet the needs of more novice users. The product is the first of its kind to offer users the source code for a completely customizable ad hoc tool that can be deployed for an unlimited number of users, so that customers no longer need to buy a seat-based license for an ad hoc solution.

WebFOCUS Quick Query is tailored to quickly run and display a WebFOCUS report in any desired output such as HTML, Excel 2000, or PDF. With user-friendly drag-and-drop functionality, users can rapidly select columns and run sorts specific to the task at hand. WebFOCUS Quick Query gives a nontechnical user the ability to quickly access any data source and generate reports complete with data visualization, conditional styling, subtotals, filtering, and corporate logo.

«WebFOCUS Quick Query makes it simple for even the most novice users at Air Canada to quickly create, run, and display a WebFOCUS report,» said Elaine Burgess-taal of Air Canada, Canada’s largest airline. «When I introduced our customer invoicing manager to Quick Query, he reacted as if I had just saved his life. Prior to Quick Query he was totally dependent on internal/external IT resources. Now he is able to run queries and respond to information requests on the same day rather than days later.»

WebFOCUS Quick Query has a thin-client architecture, which enables users to build and save new reports via the Internet, without the requirement for additional desktop software, plug-ins, or Java. With multiple selection criteria, finished reports contain only the information the user needs to see, avoiding more functionality than is necessary. WebFOCUS Quick Query also allows for optional scheduling and distribution capabilities for reports configured under Managed Reporting and saved as a custom report. Users can deliver reports to e-mail, printers, fax machines, or their personal folder.

«Customers are requiring more flexible business intelligence solutions that can be customized to fit their individual needs,» says Gerald Cohen, CEO of Information Builders. «We designed WebFOCUS Quick Query to expand the capabilities and functionality for custom reporting environments. This product now allows multiple levels of users to get quick answers to their queries, without all the sophisticated features of full ad hoc reporting.»

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