Bueno, pues en este mes hemos recibido varias noticias relativas a la potenciación de las soluciones para integrar datos y contenidos provinientes de los más variados repositorios dentro de las empresas. Se ve que es un problem común. Así, ayer publicábamos la noticia sobre el nuevo Xperanto de IBM, que es el DB2 Information Integrator, y hoy informamos del acuerdo entre Filenet y el fabricante de software para la integración de contenidos, Venetica.


FileNet Extends Virtual Content Management Capabilities of its FileNet P8 Architecture With Venetica’s VeniceBridge
Monday May 19, 9:00 am ET
Connectivity to External Content Repositories Helps Joint Customers Leverage ECM Investment

CHARLOTTE, N.C. and COSTA MESA, Calif., May 19 / — FileNet Corporation (Nasdaq: FILE ), the leading provider of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions and Venetica, the market leading provider of content integration software, today announced a relationship under which FileNet will re-sell Venetica’s Content Provider for the FileNet P8 Workplace, FileNet’s user interface for its FileNet P8 ECM architecture.

The Content Provider for FileNet P8 Workplace leverages Venetica’s flagship product VeniceBridge, and enables FileNet customers to access existing enterprise content through FileNet’s common API and user interface.

Content integration has become a top priority as many organizations are struggling to access and work with content stored in different systems across the enterprise. Venetica provides a solution to this problem through the VeniceBridge content integration platform and specialized applications such as the Content Provider for FileNet P8 Workplace.

FileNet’s VCM solution enables users to browse and search external content sources, and includes support for existing FileNet repositories, third party content management systems and custom content sources. Users can copy selected content into the FileNet P8 Content Manager or create real-time links to content residing in external repositories.

«The ability for enterprises to leverage existing content in support of enterprise content management and portal initiatives is a growing market need,» said Karen Shegda, research director at Gartner, Inc. «Organizations are beginning to demand solutions that enable them to seamlessly integrate content from their legacy systems and existing repositories to drive higher return on investment for eBusiness initiatives.»

FileNet’s solution is designed to reduce the need for multiple custom integrations, which can be expensive, time consuming and risky, and require ongoing support and maintenance of custom code. The VCM solution can enable organizations to take full advantage of FileNet’s powerful ECM architecture while unlocking information contained in existing content sources across the enterprise, regardless of how and where it resides.

«It is clear that content integration is of critical importance to overall content management initiatives, and in this case, to FileNet customers,» said Stuart Levinson, president and CEO, Venetica. «We are excited to have FileNet embrace our technology. This relationship further validates our position as the industry standard for content integration.»

«We see Virtual Content Management capabilities as key in delivering on the true promise of Enterprise Content Management — bringing together content, process and connectivity to drive decision making,» said Michael W. Harris, senior vice president, product marketing, strategy and corporate communications for FileNet. «Our partnership with Venetica can enable seamless access to content stored in multiple repositories from within the FileNet P8 environment. We’re partnering with Venetica because of their expertise in content integration.»

About Venetica

Venetica is the leading provider of content integration software. The company’s flagship product, VeniceBridge, dramatically reduces the cost and complexity associated with creating content-rich applications such as portals, collaborative applications, CRM and others. At the heart of VeniceBridge is a consistent, bi-directional interface that enables applications to quickly integrate with multiple, disparate content repositories and business processes. VeniceBridge delivers further competitive advantage to today’s real-time enterprise by providing relevant views of content and processes that are reusable across enterprise applications. Venetica partners with leading software vendors and system integrators in North America, Europe and the Asia- Pacific region to deliver solutions around the world. For more information on Venetica please visit http://www.venetica.com .

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