OpenText (, compañía especializada en Enterprise Information Management (EIM), ha anunciado que la Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA) ha implementado OpenText Content Suite para permitir la captura, procesamiento y gestión de su contenido empresarial en toda la organización. Más abajo el resto de la noticia en inglés.

The GTAA is the central point for collaboration among internal teams, external government, travel agencies, 75 airlines with 155 international destinations and several other partners. With nearly 1,200 employees managing and operating a variety of departments and technology systems, sharing content and managing processes across multiple workgroups is incredibly important but also challenging.

«Information silos within the company would be detrimental,» notes Juan Pablo Rojas, Digital and Corporate Information Solutions Lead for GTAA. «Each department has its own work and goals that support our corporate mandate, so information management is essential.»

The GTAA manages Toronto Pearson International, Canada’s largest and busiest airport. Each year Toronto Pearson welcomes 36 million passengers heading out, settling in or passing through the area. In order to keep the bustling airport running, the GTAA turned to OpenText Content Suite to provide fast, secure and automated business possibilities.

«We have continued to grow our use of the Content Suite Platform,» Rojas notes. «We have established workflows and many things that are helping the airport run in a better way. Now, employees can also access their content in iShare, an intranet portal with which they are familiar. The convenience of the OpenText system has led to widespread adoption.»

Approximately 500 of the GTAA’s 1200 employees access the system directly every day to change, add or review documents while the additional users access and view their files through iShare, the company’s branded Content Suite portal.

«We are working on a plan to migrate everything into the Content Suite platform,» added Rojas. «We have all of our corporate documents in the Content Suite and eventually want to have all our documents in the repository. People can use their personal workspace for their files in draft mode and, once final, move them over into iShare.»

The GTAA has built 30 workflows for business processes varying from simple to complex, including ordering business cards, exchanging shifts, requesting new tools and hiring new employees. External processes have also been established for contracts, amendments, documents and pictures. Each business procedure involves specific levels of review and approval and are routed through to simplify the procedure for all parties.

«When someone is looking for a document, they know where to find it,» Rojas says. «We’re saving time. We’re saving money. We’re saving anywhere from $5,000 to $26,500 annually per workflow and 2 to 20 hours per week/per workflow.»

Rojas concluded, «OpenText always has the resources on hand to get the work done. We work well as a team to accomplish our main goal. There are a lot of things in the future for us with OpenText and I’m very excited about the new technology that’s coming. There are some great tools OpenText is working on.»

OpenText Content Suite is designed to reduce risk and mitigate the cost of growing volumes of content in the enterprise. Content Suite is part of OpenText’s EIM strategy, which enables organizations to discover and manage information to spur growth and innovation across their organization, increasing time to competitive advantage. Consisting of five comprehensive and integrated product suites, OpenText’s EIM strategy delivers a unified developer platform, engaging and consistent user experience and deep integration across suites to enable comprehensive information flows across the extended enterprise.

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