La compañía constructora e inmobiliaria escandinava NCC ha elegido la plataforma par iPad de Yooba como solución para su fuerza de ventas. La plataforma permitirá desarrollar diferentes aplicaciones que muestren de manera atractiva las propiedades de la empresa a sus clientes.

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NCC Selects Yooba’s iPad Publishing Platform as Sales Tool to Present its Property Developments

 NCC Property Development is part of NCC Group (SEK 53 billion in revenues 2011), involved with property development and rentals. The company wanted an interactive and visual tool for its salesforce and selected the Apple iPad.

 NCC then turned to Yooba to develop an app that dynamically presents all of NCC’s properties. With Yooba’s app, NCC has both a platform that is flexible and fast, as well as providing new opportunities for increased interaction between the seller and customer.

 “With Yooba’s app for iPads we have developed a visual aid in the sales process that gives us new possibilities to present NCC and our property projects,” says Robert Hägg, Director of Marketing at NCC.

 “As a presentation tool, the Yooba app is very effective and enhances the experience of our brand.”“We are excited that NCC is taking full advantage of the Yooba Publishing platform by creating and launching multiple apps to showcase all their properties”,  says David Nordin, President at Yooba.

 The main goal of the app is to visually present the various NCC’s properties. This is accomplished with a description of each property and the city it is located in, as well as a catalog of inspirational pictures. The primary objective is to create a sense of NCC’s offers and this is best achieved by the rich picture content. In addition to the images, there are also specific “talking points” that the sales person can use during a sales call.

 Everything is dynamically designed with intuitive swipe functions and straightforward navigation for increased usage.Each app also contains videos which complements the written descriptions and pictures. In the videos, key NCC managers expand on NCC’s visions and plans. A key component of the app is to quickly and easily be able to share in-depth information based on the buyer’s interest. For each property, the sales person can select a PDF file and email it to the prospect from within the app. This creates a direct and relevant feedback based on the prospect’s interests and needs.


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