La compañía CEB TowerGroup recientemente nombró a la empresa Hyland Software como el vendedor ‘Best-in-Class’ enterprise content management para organizaciones de servicios financieros en dos categorías: Content Management Capabilities y Experiencia de Usuario. Los resultados se dieron a conocer tras evaluar las solucones de proveedores de herramietas para la gestión de contenidos. Más abajo el resto del comunicado en inglés.

The report identifies current and future market drivers, identifies the needs of the industry and lists notable solutions providers. CEB TowerGroup selected vendors based on quantitative and qualitative analyses of each vendor’s solution features and functionality, understanding of customer needs and implementation of leading practices to maximize efficiency and ROI. 

«CEB TowerGroup’s study verifies the relevance that ECM solutions provide to the banking industry to support content management, compliance and efficient operations initiatives,» stated Michelle Harbinak-Shapiro, Hyland’s financial services industry marketing manager. «ECM technology has evolved and should be leveraged across the entire bank to automate and streamline processes from loan tracking to new employee onboarding.»

CEB TowerGroup named Hyland Software’s OnBase a Best-in-Class solution for:
•­Content Management Capabilities
•­User Experience

Being named Best-in-Class for content management capabilities and user experience helps financial institutions choose a validated solution from industry experts. «We believe we were chosen because of our strong core competencies in ECM across the entire content life cycle and delivery of an intuitive user interface. These advanced capabilities help banks, credit unions and lenders manage content and processes more efficiently and mitigate risks associated with poor end user adoption,» Harbinak-Shapiro said.

«As financial service executives evaluate new IT products to support their business needs, many are overwhelmed by the volume of technologies available,» said Aaron Kissel, executive director, CEB. «CEB TowerGroup is the only advisory group qualified to evaluate such a broad range of financial services technology tools and to help FSI’s navigate the increasingly complex landscape.»

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