El gigante informático utiliza el software para analizar todo tipo de datos en diferentes departamentos.


IBM, the world’s largest information technology company, recently selected arcplan’s dynaSight analytic platform for enterprise-wide licensing to support a streamlined reporting and analytics initiative within its Global Marketing organization. arcplan’s dynaSight was initially selected for its cross-platform support and visualization capabilities, and is now being expanded due to its scalability, easy adoption and corporate alignment with IBM’s reengineering initiatives.

Since 2001 IBM’s Marketing and Finance teams have used dynaSight with great success internally in conjunction with its WebSphere product suite as part of its real-time CFO Portal solution. The portal provides real-time access and a single sign-on interface, improving standardization of metrics across units and lowering the cost of data consolidation and ad-hoc reporting.

This recent deal gives IBM unlimited use of arcplan’s analytic technology across the enterprise for reporting, analysis, dashboard and scorecard use. Its Global Marketing, Software Group Finance and Global Services Finance teams are the first to use the expanded Web-based application.

Brian McCarren, vice president Eastern Region Sales at arcplan, said. «IBM will be plugging dynaSight into the AIX platform and using our technology to the fullest extent. Our strong support for AIX and our commitment to support Linux going forward makes our partnership even more compelling. IBM is one of arcplan’s largest enterprise customers.»  
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