La versión 8.2 de DB2 CommonStore for SAP, solución de IBM para el almacenamiento y gestión de información, podrá correr en los Linux de SuSE SLES 8 y en el Red Hat Enterprise Linux 2.1 y 3.0.

DB2 CommonStore for SAP refuerza las tecnologías del IBM Content Management ofreciendo acceso tanto a objetos que no provienen de SAP almacenados en repositorios de contenido empresarial, como a objetos SAP desde aplicaciones que no están diseñadas para SAP.

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IBM continues to add value to the IBM Content Management portfolio, helping customers leverage their investments in technology and extending the power of information on demand to SAP and other application environments. Today, IBM announces the availability of IBM DB2 CommonStore for SAP, V8.2 for Linux on Intel with the same CommonStore licensing terms and conditions. The Linux version of DB2 CommonStore code runs on either SuSE SLES 8 or Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) V 2.1 and 3.0.

DB2 CommonStore for SAP is an e-business solution for both data archiving and document management that helps SAP users run their businesses more efficiently. For optimum online performance, SAP AG recommends regular archiving of old or infrequently accessed data from SAP systems. Document archiving improves processes and makes it easier to access original documents.

DB2 CommonStore supports any SAP operational database (DB2 Universal Database , (UDB) Informix, Oracle, SQL Server, and so on). It does not require any database for its own use. It leverages IBM’s Content Management technologies as the back-end archive management system, providing access to non-SAP objects that are stored in enterprise content repositories or providing access to SAP objects from non-SAP applications.

DB2 CommonStore is certified by SAP AG as a complementary software product for all SAP-supported ArchiveLink levels. It supports all types of data and documents defined in the SAP ArchiveLink specification and follows the latest SAP ArchiveLink protocols.

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