IBM tiene un sistema de pre impresión especial para la Prensa, denominado NICA, y acaban de anunciar la integración del mismo con los poderosos sistemas de búsqueda de Convera, fundamentalmente con el Convera´s RetrievalWare Search Technology. El sistema integrado se ha instalado en The Gazette, The Hindu, La Republica, San Antonio Express-News y Sun Sentinel.


Convera and IBM Partnership Brings New Publishing Customer Wins
The Gazette, The Hindu, La Repubblica, San Antonio Express-News and Sun-Sentinel Now Using Convera’s RetrievalWare Search Technology

VIENNA, VA  — 03/12/2003 — Five of the world’s leading news dailies have added an advanced news retrieval system developed by IBM (NYSE: IBM) and Convera (NASDAQ: CNVR ). The Gazette, Cedar Rapid’s top paper; The Hindu, India’s leading national daily newspaper; La Repubblica, one of Italy’s largest newspapers; San Antonio Express-News, one of South Texas’ leading dailies; and Sun-Sentinel, the major daily newspaper of Florida’s Broward and South Palm Beach counties are using Convera’s RetrievalWare® search, retrieval and categorization technology to streamline production operations as part of IBM’s Network Interactive Content Access (NICA) publishing industry solution.

«Our goal as a publisher was to reduce costs, consolidate and combine existing editorials while consolidating back office operations,» said Nina Brooks, vice president of technology and CIO, San Antonio Express-News. «And, on the revenue front we feel this kind of consolidation can help us seek and attain additional revenue streams.»

NICA is a complete digital asset management pre-press solution that provides newspaper and magazine publishers the ability to manage, archive, retrieve and reuse publishing data such as text, images, graphics and PDFs while offering integration with their production workflows, editorial creation front-end systems and industry specific business practices. NICA also provides the workflow management that allows the easy repurposing of publishing content either from its own repository or from an external enterprise content management repository, and via the integration of Convera’s RetrievalWare, enables users to perform faster, more accurate searches in their native language.

«By integrating Convera’s RetrievalWare in IBM’s NICA solution, publishers around the world are able to more quickly and effectively access text and multimedia content to speed their production processes,» said Marianne Capponetto, vice president at IBM. «Unlike other search technology, RetrievalWare scales to handle enormous volumes of content and users; manages over 200 documents formats in nearly 50 languages; and achieves the highest levels of both recall and precision by providing concept, pattern and Boolean search methods that can be used independently or interactively.»

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About Converas RetrievalWare®

Converas RetrievalWare is a high-performance intelligent search system that allows broad flexibility and scalability for implementation across corporate intranets and extranets. Converas RetrievalWare enables users to index and search a wide range of distributed information resources, including text files, HTML, XML, over 200 proprietary document formats (such as word processors and publishing systems), relational database tables, document management systems and groupware repositories. Advanced search capabilities include concept and keyword searching, pattern searching and query-by-example. Converas RetrievalWare excels in distributed client/server environments with hundreds or thousands of users, documents, images and/or multiple media assets.

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