Aquellos compradores desde hoy del software de gestión documental y contenidos iManage Worksite encontrarán incluído en este software el producto de Kofax Ascent Capture.


FOSTER CITY, Calif., Sept. 22 — iManage, provider of collaborative content management software for global enterprises, today announced a new partnership with Kofax, the world’s largest information capture vendor, that will bring high-end scanning capabilities to users of the iManage WorkSite suite. iManage has also joined the Kofax Technology Alliance Program.

Ascent Capture will be tightly integrated with iManage WorkSite to provide users with a complete, out-of-the-box capture and collaboration solution. Ascent Capture, the world’s most popular capture platform, automates the capture of information from documents and forms and delivers reliable, retrievable information into business applications. The process includes enhancing the image quality of scanned documents, classifying each document or form, extracting the appropriate information and validating that the information is complete and correct. Documents scanned with Ascent Capture will be delivered automatically into iManage WorkSite, capturing the information alongside all project work within the repository — such as emails, spreadsheets, reports, etc. — keeping all content in context and readily available for access, editing, collaboration or completion.

«I’m excited about our partnership with iManage and feel that our customers will benefit greatly from the relationship,» said Kofax vice president of marketing, Anthony Macciola. «Through this product integration, our mutual customers will improve vital business processes by collecting business documents, transforming them into retrievable information and putting that information to work by delivering it directly to iManage WorkSite. Together we are solving real-world business problems and meeting our customers’ needs by providing a complete end-to-end solution for document management.»

«Kofax is an outstanding partner for us,» said Steve Pattison, iManage vice president of business development. «Our users want to get all of their information, including both printed and electronic documents, into a unified repository. By partnering with the best capture provider in the business, we can give our customers the high-end scanning capabilities they need to get the fullest possible value from iManage WorkSite.»

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