Interwoven pone a la venta este mes el ContentProvider para IBM, que permitirá la integración del contenido almacenado en el repositorio IBM DB2 Content Manager con el ECM TeamSite. Los clientes de ambas soluciones podrán sacar mayor partido así a las inversiones ya realizadas.


SUNNYVALE, Calif., June 23 / — Interwoven, Inc. (Nasdaq: IWOV) today announced the general availability of Interwoven’s new ContentProvider for IBM DB2 Content Manager, which allows customers to easily discover and utilize operational content, workgroup documents, and rich media stored in IBM DB2 Content Manager. ContentProvider also gives customers the ability to publish these same asset types from Interwoven TeamSite into IBM DB2 Content Manager for archiving and storage. As a result, this new offering significantly reduces customized integration costs and allows organizations to repurpose content across the enterprise.

«Large enterprises often operate multiple independent content-management systems, creating a distributed content infrastructure with little interoperability between systems. This lack of integration often leads to islands of unusable, but extremely valuable content,» said Rob Lancaster, senior analyst, Internet Business Strategies, the Yankee Group. «Enterprises must consider enterprise content integration (ECI) technology a means of leveraging existing content, instead of forcing users to go without or — even worse — recreate it. ECI solution adoption will occur faster among larger organizations, which have more systems and more content, as they continue to turn to Web-based architectures as the platform for mission-critical applications.»

Interwoven ContentProvider for IBM DB2 Content Manager Available This Month

Interwoven ContentProvider for IBM DB2 Content Manager, used in conjunction with flagship product Interwoven TeamSite Content Server software, gives customers a single interface that allows content integration and federated searching capabilities across the enterprise regardless of where the content is stored. The new offering enables users to create, classify, transform, approve, and publish any enterprise asset from Interwoven TeamSite into IBM DB2 Content Manager.

For the thousands of customers that use IBM DB2 Content Manager for digital rights management, e-mail archiving, and storage of all types of unstructured content including documents, images, invoices, and computer reports, this new ability to leverage existing content throughout the enterprise is critical, particularly in enterprise portals and customer relationship management systems. Enabling the reuse of existing content not only improves the quality and time-to-market of these initiatives, but also maximizes the return on investment.

«IBM DB2 Content Manager provides customers with support for all forms of information and provides unlimited scalability to meet customers’ growing needs,» said Brett MacIntyre, vice president of enterprise content management, IBM. «The combination of Interwoven and IBM DB2 Content Manager helps customers gain even more value from their enterprise content.»

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