Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island (BCBSRI) procesó durante 2002 2.5 millones de reclamaciones médicas, recibió más de un millón de llamadas telefónicas y dio respuesta a más de 9000 peticiones escritas relacionadas con la salud. Para diseminar de una manera más eficaz esta información se decidió mejorar el sistema de ECM.

La solución vino con la implementación de soluciones de Interwoven, tras considerar los responsables de la aseguradora norteamericana como el elemento más importante de la decisión la facilidad de uso para hacer funcionar el nuevo sistema de gestión documental.

De momento la integración de las aplicaciones de Interwoven en la organización sanitaria ha sido diseñada en dos fases de implementación. En una primera, finalizada el pasado verano, BCBSRI añadió nuevos apartados y funcionalidades a su web En una segunda fase, completada recientemente, se han integrado las herramientas Teamsite, para lograr la contribución uniforme de contenido en el sistema, y MetaTagger, para mejorar sus capacidades de búsqueda de información y personalización.

Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island forma parte del consejo de clientes de Interwoven por lo que han contribuido con su experiencia en el desarrollo de productos de esta compañía de software, especialmente en la plataforma Interwoven 6 y en su visión de los llamados Content Networks.

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Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island Implements Interwoven ECM for Health
and Wellness Initiative

Interwoven Helps Company Reduce Costs by Providing Timely, Relevant
Information to More Than 650,000 Members Using Interwoven TeamSite and

SUNNYVALE, Calif., Jan 05, 2004 Interwoven, Inc. today announced that leading healthcare
insurer Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island (BCBSRI) has turned to
Interwoven to reduce costs and achieve its goal of becoming a health and
wellness organization. Interwoven’s products are empowering BCBSRI employees
enterprise-wide to make timely, relevant healthcare information available to
over 650,000 members.

In 2002, BCBSRI processed more than 2.5 million Medicare claims, answered
more than one million telephone calls, and responded to more than 9,000
written health-related inquiries. BCBSRI recognized that by helping its
membership stay healthy, it could reduce the costs associated with these
healthcare claims. To provide preventative care assistance, the company
needed a way to efficiently disseminate trusted health and wellness
information, including information on diseases, conditions, self-care, life
stages, and personal health assessment. So they turned to Interwoven.

«Interwoven provides us with a cost-effective means to offer timely,
relevant and easily searchable information to our members,» said David O.
Zink, senior vice president and CIO of Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode
Island. «We look forward to further leveraging this next-generation ECM
platform both within our organization as well as to enable better sharing
with other members of the BCBS network.»

Ease-of-Use was Key to Making it Work

The most important feature to BCBSRI was Interwoven’s ease-of-use. This was
critical in ensuring that business users would use the software to
frequently update both the Internet and intranet sites. After evaluating
several options, BCBSRI believed that Interwoven was the best-integrated
content management platform. Additionally, only Interwoven MetaTagger
intelligence server software provided the integrated, next-generation
content intelligence that the initiative required.

The first implementation phase, completed in August, involved adding
sections on «health & lifestyle,» «careers,» and «public relations» on the
public site, The recently completed second phase converted
additional high-profile portions of the site to Interwoven TeamSite content
server software for uniform content contribution, and at the same time,
implementing Interwoven MetaTagger for enhanced search and personalization.
The next phase, scheduled for completion in early 2004, will convert the
corporate intranet to the Interwoven platform.

«Already we have seen an increased sense of ownership and responsibility by
business owners in,» said Doug Fonseca, assistant vice president,
e-Commerce at BCBSRI. «This in turn has meant that our members are learning
that they can rely on our site for more than just basic program updates but
for a broader base of accurate health and wellness information.»

«The investment in our new Interwoven-based sites is helping us transition
from reactive care to preventative care, and in the long run this means a
healthier member base and affordable healthcare,» added Fonseca. «We have
more confidence in the quality of our online information with Interwoven in

Better Search, Retrieval and Personalization

Interwoven MetaTagger allows content to be consistently and automatically
tagged when business users create content, and for BCBSRI members, it means
that site content is already easier to search. Because the process is
automatic, all content is tagged with consistent information, making
BCBSRI’s plans for personalization even easier. Instead of getting hundreds
of «hits» from a search on «high blood pressure,» for example, the searching
member will get a more limited set of appropriate and current information.
Information on the site is kept current because part of the tagging process
involves the retirement of outdated content as well.

Moving Towards Content Networks

As part of its future direction, BCBSRI is working closely with Interwoven
to extend its ECM implementation into a content network. Leading analysts
see Interwoven’s recently announced vision of Content Networks as an
evolution of ECM — extending how and who manages content and applications
within and beyond an enterprise. By participating in Interwoven’s Customer
Advisory Board, Blue Cross Blue & Shield of Rhode Island has played a unique
role in influencing Interwoven’s product direction, including the current
Interwoven 6 platform and Interwoven’s Content Networks vision.

In order to prepare for Content Networks, BCBSRI will continue to roll out
content contribution to a greater number of people in its organization.
Additionally, the company plans to implement a service-oriented architecture
to extract further value from the Interwoven implementation and respond more
quickly to members’ need for up-to-date information. As the only content
management provider to incorporate a service-oriented architecture (SOA)
into its platform, Interwoven is uniquely positioned to make this vision a

About Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island

Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island has been the state’s leading health
insurer for 64 years and now covers more than 650,000 customers. Blue Cross
& Blue Shield of Rhode Island is an independent licensee of the Blue Cross
and Blue Shield Association. For more information, visit

About Interwoven

Interwoven, Inc. is the world’s next-generation enterprise content
management (ECM) company. Interwoven’s patented, award-winning ECM platform
integrates the six pillars of content management: collaboration, document
management, Web content management, digital asset management, e-mail
management, and records management. Allied with the leading enterprise
application providers, the Interwoven ECM platform provides complete content
lifecycle management for more than 2,700 organizations worldwide including
Air France, Citibank, Ford, General Electric, Jones Day, Pfizer, Procter &
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