La compañía especializada en tecnología ECM pondrá en el mercado un conjunto de aplicaciones dirigidas a cumplir con las directivas norteamericanas más severas, así como los emergentes estándares europeos respecto a los requerimientos legales en el campo del archivo y la gestión de documentos digitales.

El uso de documentos digitales crece a pasos de gigante. Y todavía más rápidamente lo hace la utilización del correo electrónico como herramienta de negocio diario. La legislación sigue a la zaga a esta realidad y por eso resulta ya una obligación para muchas empresas contar con las presentes y futuras leyes al respecto a la hora de poner en marcha sus sistemas de gestión documental.

Con el nombre de IXOS e-mail Compliance Solution, la primera de estas soluciones ofrecidas por IXOS se centrará en uso y archivo de correos electrónicos para las empresas de compraventa de valores bursátiles. Esta aplicación permitirá encontrar y recuperar con facilidad determinados mensajes en caso de auditoría, e incorporará un sistema de registro de entradas y cambios hechos en cada uno de los documentos originales.

Más información en la siguiente nota de prensa:

IXOS SOFTWARE Commits to Deliver Comprehensive Solutions for Regulatory
First Solution Addresses Most Stringent Requirements for SEC 17a-4, NASD
Rules 3010/3110 and NYSE Rule 440

COPENHAGEN, Denmark Nov. 11, 2003– IXOS SOFTWARE, a global leader in Enterprise Content Management (ECM), today unveiled its commitment to deliver a complete set of regulatory
compliance solutions that will address the most relevant requirements of leading corporate governance regulations including, Sarbanes-Oxley, Basel II and SEC 17a-4, as well as emerging European standards. Building on its advanced knowledge of compliance, leadership in the document and e-mail management markets, and extensive relationships with Fortune 500 companies, IXOS is poised to deliver solutions that meet the rapidly growing market concerns for compliance while meeting business-critical storage, security and scalability requirements.
The company’s initial solution offering, the IXOS e-mail Compliance Solution for SEC 17a-4 is built for the Securities Industry and aimed specifically at dealer brokers. Available immediately, the solution is designed to help companies comply with specific regulatory requirements focused on the use and retention of e-mail. This scalable solution will help businesses properly manage, search and retain e-mails that have real business, legal
and compliance implications, while controlling the costs associated with email management. Today’s announcement follows IXOS’ recent agreements with leading storage companies Hitachi Data Systems and StorageTek, positioning IXOS as a leader in both compliance and ECM solutions.

«Compliance with rules and regulations for the review, retention and retrieval of electronic communications is a must have,» explained Hartmut Schaper, CTO of IXOS SOFTWARE AG. «As e-mail continues to grow as a primary business tool, the management of it has vaulted from an IT concern to a board-room discussion. The IXOS solution enables companies to address the most stringent regulatory requirements while decreasing the cost and effortof e-mail management.» Estimated by AMR Research to be a $2.5 billion market this year in the US alone, corporate governance and compliance issues continue to rapidly gather momentum, taking on greater magnitude worldwide.

Driving New Solutions for the Securities Industry

The IXOS e-mail Compliance Solution is an integrated ECM solution that will help companies meet securities industry regulations such as SEC 17a-4, NASD Rules 3010/3110 and NYSE Rule 440. The solution enables a structured process to search, sample, review and track e-mail according to compliance policies. Currently available for the Microsoft Exchange environment, a Lotus Notes
version will be available in 2004.

At the center of the IXOS e-mail Compliance Solution is the IXOS-eCONserver, a single content repository for e-mail and document management that serves as the common foundation and core of all IXOS’ ECM offerings. This scalable production-class server delivers secure document archiving, user authentication and document distribution and can manage millions of
documents in a live system. Solutions packages designed for specific compliance issues will plug directly into the IXOS-eCONserver backbone. This modular and elegant approach positions IXOS to rapidly and effectively address a multitude of ECM and compliance solutions to meet evolving market needs. Customers will quickly be in line with business and regulatory requirements by simply adding IXOS solutions packages that seamlessly integrate with the core IXOS repository.

«The technology at the core of IXOS compliance solutions has been independently evaluated to comply with both the letter and spirit of relevant requirements in SEC Rule 17a-4,» states a report published jointly by market experts at Kahn Consulting, Inc. and Cohasset Associates.

This announcement of IXOS’ first solution to address e-mail compliance and regulatory requirements coincides with the new product release of e-CONserver for Microsoft Exchange version 2, the first e-mail management solution to support Microsoft Exchange 2003.

Ensuring Enterprise-level Archival Security and Inalterability

The IXOS solution archives all data securely and unalterably for specified periods on optical media or specific storage hardware. It also easily enables companies to discover and retrieve specific messages in case of an audit, as well as dispose of documents in accordance with best practices. Time stamping, indexing and duplicate copies of all e-mail are fully supported and allow for effective generation of reports for review and inspection by regulators. An audit system provides for accountability of record input and changes made to every original and duplicate e-mail. The IXOS solution also incorporates a supervisory module with a powerful and flexible workflow engine that allows firms to readily build highly accurate sampling procedures that are customized to the company’s unique business practices and operating structure.

Organizations that practice poor document and records management procedures face devastating risks including litigation, costly and time-consuming discovery and potential liability for lost information or information that cannot be validated as unaltered from its original state. Recent reports from Kahn Consulting, Inc. and Cohasset Associates reveal the cost of discovery to be inexcess of $1million and the largest uncontrolled cost in business today.

Proven Gains in Operating Efficiencies

In addition to meeting regulatory compliance requirements, IXOS e-mail management solutions control spiraling e-mail management costs and offer proven, unmatched scalability. With IXOS e-mail Compliance Solution, customers can also achieve key operating efficiencies through:

*  Significant reduction in database size – up to 90%

*  Reduction in number of servers – up to 75%

*  Backup times cut from 24+ hours to less than 2 hours

Known for highly-scalable, enterprise-level solutions that effectively manage high volumes of information, customers requiring large-scale implementaions frequently turn to IXOS. The quality and value of IXOS solutions continues to be validated daily by customers who have mission-critical security, document management and enterprise content needs.

With a massive implementation of 65,000 seats of IXOS-eCONserver for Exchange, the US Airforce’s Air Mobility Command has realized vastlyimproved operations, lower cost of ownership, and a robust fail-over and storage strategy.

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