Ixos (con oficinas en España) acaba de poner a la venta la Collaboration Edition de su suite ECM para las soluciones SAP. Esta nueva herramienta sirve para la gestión de la documentación generada por los diferentes módulos de SAP así como el trabajo en grupo sobre la misma. Con un único login los usuarios de SAP podrían acceder a documentación procedentes de diferentes aplicaciones: facturas, contratos, órdenes de compra, emails…


LAS VEGAS, NV — 09/09/2003 — IXOS SOFTWARE today unveiled the Collaboration Edition of its enterprise content management suite for SAP solutions. The upgraded solution enables the integration of data from different content sources, allowing employees access to related information like contracts, orders, invoices and e-mail directly through the SAP software solution regardless of which application generated the document. As a result, enterprises are able to eliminate silos of information, extend their investment in SAP solutions, improve customer service, enhance business processes, boost productivity, and lower costs.

«Business processes don’t stop at the borders of any one IT solution,» explained IXOS SOFTWARE CEO Matt Suffoletto. «With this enhanced version of our software, we removed the barriers between SAP solutions and other applications to inspire customers to reinvent the way they share information across the enterprise. For companies that manage large amounts of data in different places, this integrated approach is the key to running an efficient, agile organization in a cost-effective way.»

The upgraded IXOS solutions include IXOS-eCONtext 5.5A for SAP solutions, IXOS-eCONtext 2.5A for the mySAP? Customer Relationship Management (mySAP CRM) solution, IXOS-DocuLink 3.4A and the SAP integration certified IXOS-eCONserver 5.5A for SAP Data Archiving. New features include:

    A single point of access for related information: Users can access
    multiple business documents from any process running on SAP solutions with
    a single SAP log-in. This immediate access is especially critical for
    customer-facing departments like call centers, where employees can use a
    consolidated view to take advantage of cross selling opportunities, quickly
    resolve issues, and offer faster, more knowledgeable customer service.

    Dynamic document management: IXOS not only supports static documents
    like invoices but also dynamic documents such as contracts and product
    descriptions.  For example, the financial, sales and legal teams of a
    large organization can use the IXOS solution to streamline the process of
    drafting a new contract.  Instead of sharing the document manually or
    passing it from team to team, departments can collaborate on a common
    template and complete the contract more efficiently.

    Efficient content capturing for mySAP PLM: IXOS enables maintenance
    and construction departments to capture the initial document load into
    mySAP Product Lifecycle Management (mySAP PLM), ensuring that these
    documents are automatically stored at the right place in the system.  mySAP
    PLM helps address how to capture the initial and historic paper document
    load during the launch of a mySAP PLM-based project.  mySAP PLM enables
    collaborative engineering, custom product development, and project, asset,
    and quality management among multiple business partners.

Among the first companies to benefit from the enhanced solution set is beta customer K+S Group, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of potash and magnesium products for agriculture and industry and Europe’s largest supplier of salt products. The company will use IXOS software to enhance the document workflow between mySAP CRM in its sales department and the mySAP ERP solution in the finance department.

«We are adopting the IXOS solution as part of a corporate drive to offer our customers outstanding service,» said Manfred Schell, IT Consultant at data process, the IT Services branch of K+S. «Our clients submit their order documents directly to the finance department, so until now K+S sales managers haven’t been able to see up-to-the-minute reports of their accounts. By enhancing the integration between the two systems, IXOS software will give the sales team a 360 degree view of each customer to improve our ability to assist clients and identify opportunities to recommend additional services.»

Suffoletto said that customers like K+S are using IXOS to unite people, processes and technology.

«Our ECM philosophy maps closely to the SAP NetWeaver platform, which aligns people, information and business processes across technologies,» said Suffoletto. «This enhanced solution enables SAP customers to get more from their SAP solutions by opening the door to the right data and documents at the right time, all from a single point.»

About IXOS-eCON Solution Suite for SAP Solutions

The IXOS-eCON Solution Suite for SAP solutions enables the storage, management and retrieval of SAP documents from within the SAP solutions- based environment. The solution integrates all business documents into the mySAP Business Suite and promotes the consistent flow of information between employees, customers, suppliers and other business partners. IXOS- eCONserver archives documents in an unalterable form while providing instant viewable access to all authorized employees. The system enables organizations to speed business processes, improve operational efficiency, lower costs and support corporate governance strategies.

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