Las factorias del fabricante de maquinaria industrial John Deere en Alemania han ampliado a 2500 el número de trabajadors que tienen acceso al sistema de Gestión Documental y archivo de Windream, empresa con representantes en España. Entre los documentos y el material que se gestiona a través de la Intranet con el software Windream están los manuales de Calidad, material de formación y documentación ISO 9001.


June, 25th, 2003, Bochum – The German John Deere factories, situated in Mannheim, have recently ordered additional licences of the windream Business Edition. With this order, about 2,500 members of the company, which has already been using windream since the year 2000, have access to the document management and archive system.
Besides the windream Business Edition, John Deere also uses additional add-on modules and solutions which enhance the document management and archiving system by customer-specific functions. These are the windream web portal which has been integrated into the Intranet of John Deere. windream web portal does not only allow to access and retrieve the complete quality management manual, the training and service material and all ISO 9001 relevant building cards of the John Deere factories in Mannheim, but offers users the opportunity to also access project-related Office-documents provided by other John Deere units.

Frank Eigenmann, project manager at John Deere, points out that «windream can be managed as easy as a normal filesystem. Especially the extremely quick and database-related retrieval function allows us to access internal documents as well as documents which have been published worldwide any time via a single integrated system».

Besides the John Deere factories at Mannheim, windream is also used by the factory situated at Zweibrücken since 2001.

Deere & Company – the enterprise
In 1837, John Deere developed the first economically successful and self-cleaning steel plough. This was the initial success for his enterprise – Deere & Company. After having moved to Moline in the US-state Illinois in 1848, John Deere manufactured more than 1,000 ploughs per year.

Nowadays, Deere & Company operate factories in 11 countries with more than 38,700 employees and sell their products in more than 160 countries. The product range of Deere & Company and their outlets do not only include agricultural technical products, but also engines for the sectors of building, wood cutting and municipal technical equipment as well as engines for lawn, estate and golf course care. In addition to this, the company also offers financial services.
The John Deere factories at Mannheim
In 1921, the first tractor built at Mannheim was the legendary Lanz Bulldog HL 12. Since then, more than 1.1 million tractors have left the «square» city of Mannheim; about 900,000 of these have been built and lead-managed by John Deere, which took over the majority of shares of Heinrich Lanz AG in 1956. For more than 25 years now, the John Deere factories Mannheim have been Germany’s biggest manufacturer and exporter of agricultural tractors. More than 50 % of all tractors produced in Germany are built in Mannheim.
About the windream Document Management and Archive System
windream counts among the technologically leading solutions for acquiring, administering and archiving electronic documents. With windream, a DMS has completely been integrated into the Windows Operating System for the first time worldwide.

After the initial development of a single user edition in 1998 and the following network enabled multiuser edition, windream has been available now in current version 3.5 since 2002. This version is used as the Standard Edition by smaller and medium-sized companies and as the Business Edition by large enterprises.
About windream GmbH
windream GmbH develops and distributes the document management and archiving system windream. At present, windream GmbH employs about 30 people in the sectors of development, partner and customer support, distribution and marketing. The company manages a partner net of about 200 distribution, integration and cooperation partners all over Europe. International enterprises like ThyssenKrupp, John Deere, Bayer AG and Deutz AG count among the company’s customers. Participators of windream GmbH are Roger David (Managing Director) and the Hanseatische Venture Capital GmbH (HVC), situated in Bremen.

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