Kofax, empresa representada en España por Dicom (oficinas en Barcelona) e Interwoven, también con oficinas en España, han llegado a un acuerdo para comercializar en todo el mundo una solución integral que une sus productos base (imaging + WCM + Gestión Documental) con el objetivo de dar soluciones a empresas con necesidades de escanear masivas cantidades de documentos.

Hay que recordar que la oferta que ahora mismo ya ofrece Interwoven consta del sistema de gestión documental de iManage, aparte de su sistema de gestión documental y de contenidos web. Con el anuncio de la alianza con Kofax la oferta es aún más integral, ofreciendo Interwoven y Kofax en España un producto que puede competir con otras grandes marcas como Documentum, Stellent o Vignette.


SUNNYVALE, Calif., Aug. 2 /– Interwoven, Inc., the world’s next-generation enterprise content management (ECM) company, Kofax, the world’s largest information capture vendor, and BCS Systems, leading systems integration specialist, today announced the companies have teamed together to offer an integrated enterprise information capture and collaborative document management solution to customers worldwide. BCS’s Advanced Capture integrates Interwoven’s WorkSite MP Server software and Kofax’s Ascent Capture platform with customer application data and transactions to enable enterprises to dramatically reduce the cost and complexity of capturing and organizing mission critical business information.

Industry analyst firm Forrester reported that «…the core functionality required of an ECM system is Web content management, document management, document imaging and records management.» (Market Leaders Emerging in Enterprise Content Management, Connie Moore and Robert Markham, August 15, 2003). In recent years, enterprises have faced an explosive growth in the amount of content (both electronic and non-electronic) circulating within their organizations. To ensure success in the digital world, it is imperative that businesses have the ability to leverage unstructured content from diverse sources including paper, faxes, forms and XML streams and to implement a scalable enterprise content management platform supporting business operations.

BCS Advanced Capture integrates Kofax Ascent Capture, Interwoven’s content management capabilities, and any enterprise business application to maximize access to important documents within the business context. It also provides effective visibility of information subject to regulatory compliance initiatives. With BCS Advanced Capture, Interwoven users are provided with the ability to quickly and painlessly capture documents and contextual metadata, apply web navigation elements and accurately place the documents in the ECM repository. Kofax Ascent Capture can be implemented quickly, easily and flexibly, providing support for high, medium and low volume document scanning in centralized or distributed environments. Advanced Capture also works with many multi function centers to provide distributed transaction capture across the enterprise.

Upon arrival to the Interwoven repository, documents can be assigned to pre-defined workflows and routed to appropriate business processes, thereby enabling appropriate visibility of content across the enterprise. The bottom line is that users can lower the cost of document capture, and increase the efficiency and accuracy of their content and associated approval processes.

Weingarten Realty Investors Experience

Weingarten Realty Investors (WRI) is a Houston, Texas, based real estate investment trust with 340 properties aggregating over 45 million square feet, and serving over 5000 tenants in 20 states across the southern part of the United States. WRI common shares are traded on the New York Stock Exchange. «With over 1 million images, 10,000 scans per day and regional offices from coast to coast, we needed an enterprise solution to manage our document requirements,» said Lee Pearson, Vice President and Chief Information Officer at Weingarten. «Kofax, BCS, and Interwoven have provided an integrated, seamless, and powerful document management platform that enables Weingarten to enhance our business users’ productivity and effectiveness in accomplishing our goals.»

Enterprise-Class Collaborative Document Management from Interwoven

Interwoven WorkSite MP 4 Server software is the only true multi-platform collaborative document management solution in the marketplace today, and the first document management platform built from the ground up to tap the power of the open computing standards of J2EE and XML. This provides unmatched flexibility in being able to leverage existing corporate standards and multiple-platform support while at the same time delivering unmatched system performance and interoperability.

Leading Information Capture With Kofax Ascent

Kofax Ascent provides powerful production capture technology, enabling companies to collect large volumes of forms and documents, transform them into useful, retrievable electronic information and deliver it all into a variety of workflow and document management systems. Kofax Ascent can also capture e- documents, XML streams and enables front-end integration with enterprise applications.

Ascent is a modular application that can be used right out-of-the-box to meet the needs of a specific department, or expanded to meet the complex needs of a high-volume enterprise. With an open architecture, Ascent makes it easy to extend the basic application to handle complex forms processing tasks, as well as information capture directly from remote offices.

Leading Integration Solutions from BCS SystemsBCS technology links Interwoven WorkSite MP with any enterprise application platforms to dramatically reduce the cost of document capture and retrieval. The net effect of this technology to our clients document management initiatives includes lower total cost of ownership, high user acceptance throughout the enterprise and significant return on investment. BCS Advanced Capture provides distributed, transaction based capture taking advantage of low cost desktop scanners as well as existing multi-function centers. HostConnect integrates ERP, CRM, line of business and mainframe applications with Interwoven WorkSite MP. Additionally, Object Bundler provides clients with a regulatory compliance application that can provide a virtual electronic snap- shot of business documents.

BCS technology is utilized in many industries including Healthcare, Real Estate, Financial Services, Insurance, Energy and Government to name a few. Our solutions include Contracts Origination and Management, Claims Processing, Acquisitions, Customer Service, Accounts Payable Automation and Regulatory Compliance.

«Our technology combines and enhances software from the leading capture and content management companies, Kofax and Interwoven, into a very cost- effective and mission critical solution for our clients. Using this combination, our clients have been able to successfully transform their businesses from paper to electronic with minimal disruption to their operations and with very high customer satisfaction,» says Jon Gibson, president of BCS.

«Our teaming with Interwoven and BCS will empower true enterprise-class capabilities to our joint customers in the information capture and ECM markets worldwide,» said David Oldfield, director of business development at Kofax. «With the integration of Ascent with WorkSite MP, our customers’ can now both capture and control information across the enterprise, while enhancing the efficiency and productivity of their overall business operations.»

«We are very excited to be working with Kofax and BCS,» said Steve Pattison, vice president of alliances and business development at Interwoven. «Through the integration of our solutions with Ascent and the expertise of BCS, we will significantly enhance the value of WorkSite MP to customers in our joint target market.»


To learn more about the integrated enterprise imaging and document management solution from Interwoven, Kofax and BCS Systems, there will be a complimentary Webinar entitled, «Solving the Paper Problem,» on Thursday, August 5, 2004, 10:00 AM PT/ 01:00 PM ET/ 18:00 PM UTC, GMT. To register, visit http://www.interwoven.com/events/online/.

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