Informatica Corporation, fabricante de software de integración de datos y de Business Intelligence, con presencia en España, ha anunciado que Denver Water ha implementado su plataforma de integración para mejorar la contabilidad, gestionar los programas de conservación del agua y cumplir con los requisitos gubernamentales.


REDWOOD CITY, Calif., April 21, 2004 Informatica Corporation, a leading provider of data integration and business intelligence software, today announced that Denver Water, the water supplier for over one million people in Denver, Colorado, has implemented the Informatica data integration platform to enhance financial accountability, support water conservation efforts, and comply with government regulations. Denver Water is now expanding its use of Informatica enterprise-wide to help provide all its information users with visibility into expenditures, customers, consumption and revenues.

The Informatica platform gives us a single trusted version of the truth, which is helping us improve our financial understanding and accountability, run more effective conservation programs, and comply more quickly with governance and regulatory demands, said Bob Tinglestad, IT manager of enterprise business intelligence at Denver Water. Leveraging the platform, we quickly built our enterprise data warehouse and specialized data marts for finance, planning and public affairs. Now, with the ability to extract data from any source, were rolling the platforms functionality out to the entire water department for widespread visibility into demand, consumer behavior and operations.
Denver Water first implemented the Informatica platform to integrate mainframe billing and meter system records, thus enabling water consumption to be monitored across customers and billing periods. Phase two was a financial system for program-level visibility into budgeted vs. actual expenses, overhead costs, and other accounting transactions. Most recently, an Informatica-powered revenue data warehouse enabled consumption to be linked to revenue per customer by revenue type, and is used to identify potential rebate programs.

The Informatica platform is also helping Denver Water comply promptly with outside requests for accurate information and the Freedom of Information Act. As a governmental organization, Denver Water is accountable to Denvers City Auditor and subject to a range of regulations. With ready access to integrated information, financial personnel are better able to drill quickly into the data and related document images to respond to media demands for financial information in a more timely and more detailed fashion.

Any organization providing a service, whether public or for profit, has the requirement of understanding its customer, coupled with the need to comply with increasingly complex industry and governmental covenants and regulations, said Paul Albright, executive vice president and chief marketing officer at Informatica. To do this, it needs consolidated business views and a high level of confidence in its information. Were pleased that Denver Water has made Informatica its foundation for leveraging information to enhance its role as the steward of Denvers water supply.

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