MicroStrategy, fabricante de software de Business Intelligence ha sido elegido por AMB Generali Information Services (AMB-Informatik) para implementar una herramienta para reporting y análisis en una de las empresas del grupo, la tercera compañía de seguros de Alemania. AMB-Informatik, proveedor de servicios TI de AMB Generali Group, se encargará de desarrollar el proyecto, que se basará en el sistema VIS de MicroStrategy, diseñado para reporting y análisis de las ventas de la empresa.


MCLEAN, Va., June 10 MicroStrategy Incorporated, a leading worldwide provider of business intelligence software, today announced that AMB Generali Information Services (AMB-Informatik) has chosen the MicroStrategy Business Intelligence Platform for enterprise-wide sales reporting and analysis in one of the companies in AMB Generali Group, the third largest direct insurance group in Germany.  AMB-Informatik is one of the leading developers of information systems in Germany and is the IT services provider for AMB Generali Group.

MicroStrategy is the core component of the client’s new sales information system (called VIS), developed by AMB-Informatik, which provides sales and management staff with comprehensive, up-to-the-minute sales reporting and analysis information against an IBM DB2 data warehouse.  These users are able to use this insight to assist them in seeking to increase the profitability of each product, region or agent. In the future, the system is expected to grow to accommodate over 5000 users.

«We selected MicroStrategy because we need a scalable, integrated platform with an easy-to-use Web interface that provides a single source for mission-critical reporting and analysis,» said Peter Klose, Project Manager, AMB-Informatik.  «MicroStrategy allows us to extend valuable insight to users in  the sales and management departments through content-rich, user-friendly reports that empower our associates to make more strategic and proactive decisions.  This will allow us to better assess performance and enhance operational efficiencies.»

«With MicroStrategy the client can gain a real-time global view of the facts via Web-accessible information,» said MicroStrategy’s COO Sanju Bansal. «Leading companies across the globe are choosing MicroStrategy’s industrial-strength platform to gain visibility into their operations and make revenue-generating decisions.»

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