La empresa farmacéutica Chiesi ha desplegado la tecnología de la empresa de soluciones empresariales, Readsoft ( para su iniciativa de automatización de facturas de proveedores. Más información en inglés abajo.

For Chiesi there were numerous objectives when they sought to improve their invoice processing techniques. These objectives included: To centralise the point of reception for the 10,000 invoices it processes annually; to implement an automation platform for invoices to the benefit of its accounts department; to combine a workflow that allowed them to guarantee adherence to the purchasing policy and secure payment orders; and to use a solution that interfaced perfectly with the ERP system already in place, namely Microsoft Dynamics AX.

After studying various players and solutions on the automation market, Chiesi chose the ReadSoft solution for the processing of supplier invoices. This solution interfaces perfectly with the Avanteam workflow solution for purchasing already in place. Avanteam proposed and recommended the ReadSoft solution to Chiesi.

“The performance of the ReadSoft solution with regard to automation was superior to that of the other solutions studied. Moreover, the tool’s easy-to-set parameters and its ability ability to interface with our existing BPM solution convinced us in the end” explains Guillaume Chambon, Chiesi’s IT Project Manager who was charged with overseeing the project.

“The system has only been in place for six months (at the time of writing) but we saw a rapid return on our investment: Six months represents a gain equivalent to a full-time employee.,” explains Mr Chambon.
“To date, we have automated more than 5,000 documents – invoices, credits, fee bills, payment instalments – and have not only seen an increase in productivity but also high levels of satisfaction on the part of the users in our accounts department,” adds Mr Chambon.

Indeed, the computerization of internal processes and the automation of supplier invoices in particular is no longer restricted to companies who have to manage large volumes of documents: the solutions proposed can be adapted to smaller volumes, all of which constitutes an extremely satisfactory return on investment. All companies have the same right to increase productivity.

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