Minmetal S.A, una de las empresas de ingeniería relacionado con el metal y la minería, más importantes de Chile, ha seleccionado el software PLM de Cyco, Cyco AutoManager Meridian, para la gestión de todos los datos de ingeniería y documentación técnica. La empresa tiene 400 personas trabajano en los proyectos.


Santiago, Chile – August 4, 2004 — Microgeo S.A., a provider of IT solutions for the engineering environment, and Cyco Software, the leading provider of Engineering Data Management (EDM) solutions, announced today that MlNMETAL S.A., one of Chile’s largest engineering and construction management companies, has selected Cyco AutoManager Meridian for the management of all its engineering data and related administrative documentation.

MINMETAL provides integrated solutions in the Mining & Metals, Infrastructure and Industrial markets. With an average workforce of 400 engineers, constructors, technicians and support staff, the company takes on full engineering, construction, procurement and operational responsibilities for its clients. Their services generated investments of over US$ 3 billion in 2003.

In 2002, Minmetal started an in-depth investigation to obtain the right data management system that would allow the company to efficiently manage CAD drawings and related documents in combination with comprehensive search functions throughout the entire product data lifecycle.

Cyco AutoManager Meridian was selected after careful analysis of a number of different products. Cyco Software’s flagship EDM system was selected mainly because of its extensive customization options, integration with enterprise automation systems, compatibility with a range of different CAD applications and its competitive price.

MINMETAL also notes Cyco Software’s strong global presence and its support organization in Chile through Microgeo as a major reason to adopt Cyco AutoManager Meridian.

«Cyco AutoManager Meridian offers the possibility to develop the complex workflows that the production of our drawings and documents require,» said Roy MacKennedy, Chief Information Officer with MINMETAL. «MINMETAL has gained absolute control with Cyco AutoManager Meridian of all components that influence the production of electronic documents. We have achieved immediate results after its implementation by being able to store drawings automatically and retrieve them at any point in the design, engineering and construction phase.»

«We are happy to see MINMETAL’s confidence in our company and the Cyco AutoManager Meridian solution,» said Robert Richter, Commercial Manager for Microgeo S.A. The company has been MINMETAL’s technical software supplier for over a decade. «This impressive EDM project was implemented with the hard work of the MINMETAL technical team that was trained in all the fundamental aspects of the product, in conjunction with the specialized consulting services of Microgeo.»

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