La Mutua sanitaria privada de EEUU, Fortis Health, ha contratado el paquete de digitalización automática ClaimPack, de Captiva, que tiene distribuidores en España, para digitalizar y gestionar 4 millones de formularios anuales de todo tipo que son los que manejan para servir a su más de 1 millón de clientes.


SAN DIEGO–Nov. 3, 2003–Captiva Software Corp., a leading provider of input management solutions, today announced that Fortis Health, one of the nation’s leading health insurance providers, has selected ClaimPack, Captiva’s award-winning claims processing solution, to capture and process the roughly 4 million HCFA and UB92 medical claim forms and related documents the organization processes every year. The value of the contract to Captiva is approximately $350,000.

Fortis Health agreed to purchase ClaimPack after a comprehensive evaluation of its abilities. With ClaimPack, Fortis Health will be able to replace its current, limited claims capture system, eliminate much of the manual keying of claims and automatically capture and process a wider variety of claim forms that it couldn’t before, such as multi-page black HCFA forms. Finally, ClaimPack will empower Fortis Health to process significantly higher volumes of claims, reduce claims processing times and increase information capture accuracy.

«We’re pleased ClaimPack surpassed Fortis Health’s stringent processing requirements,» said Jim Vickers, Captiva’s chief marketing officer. «We’re confident ClaimPack will streamline Fortis Health’s entire claims processing practice, increase productivity and accelerate the company’s ability to serve its one million customers.»

ClaimPack is Captiva’s claims processing software that automates data and image capture from complex paper and electronic HCFA and UB92 claim forms. Using the latest developments in scanning, image processing and optical character recognition (OCR) technologies, ClaimPack automatically «reads» the information on these forms, analyzes, corrects and validates the data and enters it into enterprise workflow or database management systems. This streamlined process reduces manual data entry costs and processing times, increases the accuracy of the data collected and improves customer service.

About Fortis Health

Fortis Health is a national health insurance company developing and providing individual medical, small group, short term and student health insurance products, issued and underwritten by Fortis Insurance Co., John Alden Life Insurance Co. and Fortis Benefits Insurance Co. In business since 1892, the company provides health insurance coverage for over one million people nationwide. With almost 3,000 employees, Fortis Health has headquarters in Milwaukee, Wis., and has operations offices in Minnesota, Idaho and Florida, as well as sales offices across the country. More information can be found at:

Fortis Health is part of Fortis Inc., a financial services company that, through its operating companies and affiliates, has built leadership positions in a number of specialty insurance market segments. Fortis Inc. is part of Fortis, a financial services provider active in the fields of insurance, banking and investment. As of year-end, 2002, Fortis had total assets of approximately $500 billion. As one of the world’s largest financial services companies, Fortis ranks 73rd based on revenues on the Fortune «Global 500» (July 21, 2003) and 40th based on revenues on Forbes’ International 500 list (July 3, 2003). More information can be found at:

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