Los cuarteles generales de la OTAN en Den Haag (Holanda) utilizan el software para gestión de Workflow sobre Sharepoint de Captaris para controlar quién de sus empleados en cualquier parte del mundo lee los documentos, y cual es el recorrido de los mismos.

Comunycarse es la empresa distribuidora del software de Captaris en España: www.comunycarse.com

Nieuwegein (NL) June 30, 2004 Captaris Inc., a leading provider of business information delivery solutions has today announced the completion of the first phase of implementation for NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation) whereby the leading business workflow software Captaris Teamplate for .Net has been selected for workflow development within its European Headquarters, SHAPE (Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe), in Den Haag, The Netherlands.

Captaris Teamplate Workflow for .NET has been implemented to allow division members to track documents electronically to ensure both passive and active parties have access to the latest information. At the start of a project, Teamplate Workflow creates a form that launches a Microsoft Sharepoint Services Team Site with all the key members. While allowing the features of the Team Site to allow collaborative working, Teamplate orchestrates the workflow to ensure the process is controlled, timely and is available to the correct person through all the required approval stages. In addition, the workflow uses Teamplate to provide monitoring information and instant reports.

Solutions such as Captaris Teamplate Workflow that are based on the Microsoft .Net environment leverage one of the most widely used user interfaces in the world and integrate seamlessly with Microsoft products such as Office System, SharePoint Portal Server, Visio and InfoPath. This enables customers such as NATO to rapidly and easily access the information they need to take effective action and to easily connect with others throughout their organisation, said Kees Pronk, Group Manager, Information Worker Partner Strategies Microsoft EMEA.

Teamplate Workflow for .NET is extending the impact of the Microsoft SharePoint Server currently piloted, through rapid automation of management of working documents and approval of document submissions processes.

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