Los mecánicos del ejército del aire USA podrán visualizar online los manuales de los aviones, gracias a la base de datos nativa XML de Ixiasoft, que utilizarán como repositorio de los contenidos.


IXIASOFT – Press ReleasesUS Air Force purchases global enterprise license of TEXTML Server for technical documentation publishing
IXIASOFT OEM Partner, Veridian Systems, to provide TEXTML Server-based electronic interactive technical manual (IETM) solution for use throughout the US Air Force
Montreal, Canada – IXIASOFT, the XML Content Server market leader, announced today a global enterprise licence agreement with Veridian Systems for inclusion of a single-concurrent user version of TEXTML Server® within the Air Force Common Viewer, at the US Air Force. Veridian Systems is a leading information technology solutions company serving government, defense and intelligence communities.
Veridian had originally partnered with IXIASOFT in 2001 by embedding TEXTML Server® at the core of the TPM component of the ITOOLS product, a product aimed at supporting US Air Force maintenance personnel by providing browser-based access to electronic technical manuals for the E-3 Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS) aircraft. This product is a document preparation, search, retrieval, and viewing solution developed specifically for and in conjunction with the US Air Force.  The initial project exceeded expectations and led the US Air Force to embark on the development of the Air Force Common Viewer (AFCV), a new and enhanced version of the TPM software that will provide the above (and additional) capabilities to other weapons systems such as the A-10, B-52, C-130, F-16, and the HH-60.

With this agreement, the US Air Force will be able to provide all USAF IETM users with the AFCV product installed locally on their laptops, representing thousands of single-user licenses. The AFCV allows IETM users to access thousands of pages of technical manuals and perform complex searches, all while running on a laptop. Users will also be able to maintain the currency of their technical manuals by logging on to the Air Forces intranet to download document updates.

The AFCV will be the standard tool that Air Force maintainers use to service weapons systems. said Bruce Watson, AFCV Project Manager at Veridian Systems. The AFCV delivers on the promise of IETM initiatives launched by various defense bodies. It provides easier, timely access to critical information in a cost efficient way.

 TEXTML Server was designed to deliver fast access to large volumes of documents, all while running on minimal hardware. said Philippe Gélinas, President of IXIASOFT. By installing the AFCV on thousands of laptops, the US Air Force is exploiting the benefits of TEXTML Server as its design was intended. We are extremely proud of this achievement through our association with Veridian and the US Air Force.

About TEXTML Server
TEXTML Server is an XML Content Server whose purpose is to store, index and retrieve XML content. It is the first embeddable XML Server for OEMs and developers of XML applications such as electronic manuals, content management systems, wireless content publishing, enterprise portals, or patient record systems. It has been designed as an OEM product to build document-centric XML applications in which the content consists mostly of rich, semi-structured information. The key advantages of TEXTML Server include the ability to combine full-text and metadata search, speed of execution, schema independence, ease of integration and an aggressive OEM-geared pricing model. Today, TEXTML Server is used by the United States Air Force to support its AWACS weapon system and will soon support a wide array of additional weapon systems, including the A-10, B-52 and F-16. It enables the Air Force to retrieve, index and store thousands of key XML documents for its mission critical operations.
IXIASOFT develops and distributes TEXTML Server, an XML Content Server whose purpose is to store, index and retrieve XML content. IXIASOFT is the only true provider of document-centric XML Servers specializing in the storage and publishing of XML documents. IXIASOFT was recently designated by Computerworld as one of the Top Emerging Technology Companies; IXIASOFT enjoys a global customer base with various vertical markets such as aerospace, media & publishing, energy, and government.  Some of its notable technology partners include Adobe Systems, Microsoft, DataExchanger, ITEMFIELD, DataJunction, HitSoftware, HyperVision Ltd., SoftQuad, and Altova. IXIASOFT is a voting member of the W3C. For more information, go to www.ixiasoft.com.

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